will be in SF for 5 days. What is the best way to get to wine country?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Rent a car.
The best way is to rent a car, but that's not the only way. It is possible to get to Napa (slowly) by taking public transit. Just hop on the ferry to Vallejio, then connect to Napa Valley Transit bus. This is not a highly traveled route though, so call in advance to check on times. (Bay Link Ferry - 877.64-FERRY, ). also check -
A limo o r private shuttle are other options if you have a group...
a private limo is best, so you can taste all you want and not drink and drive. They're actually not too expensive. alternatively, if you're not planning to drink, renting a car is likely best since the attractions (parks, gardens, towns, wineries, etc) are relatively spread out

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