Singapore Airlines- do I need to book transit lounge etc?

I am soon going to India from Melbourne. I have 8 hours stay at night at Singapore. Do they provide some comfortable lounge etc there or can I book one for free. I just booked online(Economy Class). Thanks


Country: Singapore


If you're just staying around the transit lounge, it's well equipped there. You don't have to worry about booking anything. There are quite a number of facilities you may use in the transit lounge, like restaurants and resting area. It's pretty easy to get yourself around too. There are signboards everywhere and you may also ask the airport transit information counter. Hope this information helps. =)
There are several options.
1) Book the Free Singapore Tour (lasts 5 hours)
2) If you have a credit card that also gives you lounge access. I know Citibank has a card that does for Priority Lounge.
3) You might need to book for room in advance. Check out .sg for details of booking
The transit lounge is pretty comfortable and if i'm not wrong, there are also massage chairs for use at a token fee. Transit hotel is available though not free. If i'm no wrong, some airlines provide exclusive lounge for their club members. FOr Krisflyer club, you need to be at least silver elite class though that has to be confirmed. These information can be found on the net.
Some lounges are available for holders of certain credit cards or travellers in business and first class. However, Changi Airport is comfortable enough even for travellers without access to them.

There are three terminals of shopping plus some islets of greenery to relax in. Free movie screenings, sports and news programmes and even a swimming pool are also available. Wifi internet access is also free and internet access terminals are available throughout the terminals. Also complimentary are foot massages from the foot massage machines scattered around the terminals. You can also sign up for a free city tour from the airport. If you just want to sit and relax, there are seats around the place and also at the various eateries in the airport.

Check out for a list of services and amenities available at Changi.

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