I am a Pakistani and need to know visa process for Singapore for cruising.?

Hi, I am planning to visit Malaysia for my honeymoon. From there I will be taking a cruise and go to Singapore. Stay at Singapore port would not be more than 8 hours. I hope I would need a visa. Can anyone guide? Also to get back in Malaysia on return, will I need a double entry visa. If you could write here, excellent. Otherwise I will be extremely grateful if you could call me at 0332 679 5311. Thanks in advance


Country: Singapore


Hi. From what I gather, for as long as you're from a Commonwealth country, you won't be needing a Visa. I'm not too sure if Pakistan is still a part of the commonwealth, but I'm assuming you will need a travel Visa to enter Singapore, despite the hours of stay. Visa is issued for the period of 1 month. And processing time differs on the embassy. Check with your local embassy or travel agent about the entry visa into Singapore. I hope this information helps. All the best, and congratulations on your honeymoon.

Hi, to see if your country is included in the VISA Waiver Programme for Singapore. You can check out the Singapore Immigration at
Pakistanis do require a visa to enter Singapore. However, if you're in transit, a visa may not be required. Best to check with your cruise operator. You may also check at for more information. The safest, of course, would be to apply for a visa. This can be done online or at the Singapore High Commission/Embassy and the cost is S$30 (approx US$20).

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