Has anybody traveled to Montezuma, Mal Pias, and/or Santa Teresta Costa Rica recently?

I'm thinking about stoping through these places on my trip in November and had a few questions. How did you get to Montezuma? Bus or ferry via Puntarenes and prices? Was It expensive and touristy (would like to avoid this)? Did you get a chance to see Cabo Blanco NP? Is Mal Pias & Santa Taresta a good place for people looking to do things other than surfing? Overall experience and any traveling tips. Thanks!!


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You can reach these places by taking the Ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, then you will need to drive about one hour to get to Montezuma...this is actually the best way to get there and is not expensive at all, the ferry fee is about $1.5 per person plus $12 if you take a vehicle. The ferry is confortable and it has a little cafeteria inside with AC.

I have not seen the NP of Cabo blanco and not been in Santa Teresa recently so I cannot tell you much about this area.

The beach of Montezuma is very beautiful and you may visit the waterfall which is very nice, specially during this time when is a little rainy. There are also all kind of shops, restaurants and hotels in Montezuma but the roads around are pretty bad, if you are driving get a 4WD

Good luck!

Very good answer.
Make sure to visit Cabo Blanco Biological reserve, Curu and Tortuga Island nice for snorkeling and sightings, I'm agree with the last guide about the waterfall.


the bus ticket is around 12 bucks, and it takes you all the way to your destination, if you are going to montezuma sometimes they make you change buses to a smaller one in cobano, try to remember this so you don´t end up in the wrong place... mal pais and santa teresa are all about surfing and partying... there are nice bars and restaurants and some hostels are cheap, but the beach as beautiful as it is it´s not good for swiming, it´s very rocky and waves are huge, so unless you have a surf board you are pretty much dead if you go in... there´s only one atm and it runs out of money quickly so make sure you bring enough cash... i would say for other activities other than surfing montezuma is a lot better, it is kinda touristy, but you can hike to the other beaches nearby and most of the time they are completely desserted, there´s even a waterfall that drops right in to the ocean... there are also very nice bars, cafeterias, restaurants and one club... and there are some very nice affordable hotels. My personal favorite it´s called hotel montezuma, it´s a very old house right in front of the beach and they charge around 10 bucks a night, you have to share the bathroom but if you can look past that I´m sure you´ll love it... they don´t have a web page and they don´t make reservations so try and get there around 11 am when other people are checking out...

that´s all I think... have fun and if you have anymore questions I´ll be happy to help... cheers
First get a rented vehicle. Then drive to Puntarenas, take the Ferry to Paquera and drive to Montezuma. Spend a night or two at El Sano Banano. Visit Cabo Blanco. Then drive to Mal Pais/Santa Teresaans stay at The Place. Beach is grea, you dont need to be a surfer to enjoy the ocean. Sunsets are the best in the country.
Hello(hola) I have lived in Tambor for 2 years which is very close to Montezuma, Mal Pias and Santa Teresa. I know all these places personally and have explored them extensively. these are lovely little towns well worth the time to tour. Each place is very different very beautiful, clean and safe. Cabo Blanco is CR's oldest national park and there is also Curu close by as well. There is so much to explore and see just walking the beaches or mountians , waterfalls, snorkely, shore or deep sea fishing, amazing quad tours as well as an amazing variety of distinct scenery within such a small distance, here you can see and feel the real CR at little no expense. If you would like more detailed information such as where to stay things to do please email me and I will be happy to help you.
Regards and Pura Vida
Public Buses Mal Pais, Santa Teresa and Montezuma are the cheapest way to go.

Transportes Rodriguez, Tel. Information: 2642 0740 and 2642 0219
Travel Time: 5 hrs. Cost: approx $ 10
The bus crosses the Gulf of Nicoya by ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera.
Bus Terminal in San José: La Coca Cola (Read the information about Travel Safety)

From To every day

Mal Pais/St Teresa San José 6:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m
Montezuma 6:15 a.m. 3:30 p.m
Cobano 6:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m

San José Mal Pais/St Teresa
Cobano 7:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m
Updated Jan 2, 2008

If the direct bus schedules do not suit you, you can also take the bus from San José to Puntarenas which departs every 40 min from the bus terminal at Avd 12, Calle 16.
Once in Puntarenas you take the Ferry to Paquera. In Paquera at the ferry terminal there are busses to take you to Cobano and on to Montezuma. The last bus from Paquera is at 6:15 p.m. It meets the ferry departing Puntarenas at 4:30 p.m. If you are on a later ferry you must take a taxi to Montezuma or Mal Pais which will cost around $ 35.
Busses from Cobano to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa drive only twice a day: 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
These schedules change very often and can be incorrect by the time of your visit.

I was recently in Montezuma in August during 2 weeks. Beautiful beaches-especially the hike through Romelia Refuge, Playa Cocal & Cocalito and the waterfall at the end! Cabo Blanco NP is also well worth your time! Lot's of reptiles and White faced -capuchin monkeys. excellent bird watching. I have seen some of the prettiest sunsets in Malpaís, but it is pretty much a surfing destination. Some very nice beach hotels and lodges can be found throughout the Montezuma-Malpaís area. I can recommend you do a search on:
- t so you can read some of the reviews, prices, etc.

Not so touristy yet! I find that Malpaís is more touristy than the Cabo Blanco-Cabuya-Montezuma-Playa Cocalito beach corridor. At least that is my opinion...

Buena suerte!

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