pyramids of giza entrances on all pyramids? what pyramid is this in the pyramid of giza? i hear the top one is a fake entrance? where would the real entrance be for them then? what does the fake entrance lead too? ARE ALL THE PYRAMIDS THE EXACT SAME with the fake entrance? the same fake entrance


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no the upper entrance 16 meters above the ground in the great pyramid is the original entrance and leads to the burial chamber, also many pyramids has two entrances the same in the second pyramid (khafre pyramid).... but Zoser pyramid in sakkara has entrance in the north and another in the south, all pyramids have the original entrance in the north to face the polar star which they believed it is the destination of the souls of the dead.
we use now the lower entrance to go inside the pyramid, but the original one the one above
there are 3 pyramids in giza pyramids area all belong to one family grand father, father and grand son. the real entrnace of the great pyramid which we use now to enter is the below one. not all of them with fake entrance but all have almost the same construction
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The image you have shown is indeed the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the first built on the plateau, followed by that built by his son Khefre and later his grandson Menkaura. The upper opening was the original and tradition says the lower one, the one now used to enter the pyramid, was opened in the 9th century by Caliph al-Ma'mun. The upper entrance opens into a downward sloping shaft which after a short while splits into two afater 18 metres, with a second one opening through the roof and going upwards through the Grand Gallery and to the King's Chamber. The original downwards shaft goes to a subterranean chamber and then dead end.

As one expert says "Most of Egypt's royal pyramids varied to some degree in respect to their chambers. Some of this was due to evolutionary structural development, religious innovations, security innovations and early experimentation. In the case of Khufu's pyramid, particularly the internal structure has caused both scholars and layman to speculate about the pyramid's function and purpose, for there are indeed elements of the internal structure that are unique to this one pyramid."

You can find an excellent diagram and lots of good information at

It's really fascinating to find out just what it's like inside!

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