Weather in Israel/Palestine in February?

I am visiting Israel in February and I want to know what kind of weather to expect. If it's going to be wet, just how wet will it be? I've heard people say that it is very cold in Palestine in February, but what is very cold to someone from Florida might be mild to someone from Minnesota. Would you still be able to swim in the dead sea in Feb? Any help?


Country: Israel


Basically Israel is a warm country. February is winter in Israel, it is the rainy period. Even though weather in is not so cold, and unfortunately not too wet. It is above 32ºF / 0ºC. During the nights it might get in Jerusalem and in the high places to freezing temperature. But during the day it is not so bad. Lot of people is swimming at the Dead Sea all around the year including the winter time; at the Dead Sea the weather is much warmer.
Israel is amazing country, it has its beauty in every season, so don't think too much about the weather, just come and enjoy.
Anyhow you can check weather on the net a few days before your visit.
I wish you a nice tour to Israel

cold and wet. rains almost every day. hopefully this year it will rain a lot and end the drought we have had in the last years. tempratures - 40's but can also freeze. snow - maybe a day or two.
After five years of sub-normal rainfall, which has caused serious water shortages here, we hope it's VERY wet, but...?? In any event, do come prepared for rain. Temperatures vary widely by location, even within this relatively small land: Jerusalem, in the central hill country, is some 2500 ft. above sea level and typical daytime temps would be in the 40s and 50s F, in the 30s or even below freezing at night; snow is always a possibility, but not that common. Compared to Jerusalem, the Mediterranean coast is usually warmer, and anything in the Great Rift Valley warmer still: the Sea of Galilee, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, Arava, and Eilat in the far south. Swimming - floating, really - in the Dead Sea: by all means (if you're coming halfway around the world, just do it - whatever the weather!).

Like anywhere else, the weather depends a lot on whatever system happens to be blowing through, so keep apprised of the "big picture" in the days before you travel. Also, here's a link to the Israel Meteorological Service, which includes maps, climatological data, rain radar, etc. (copy and paste into your browser):

Tom Powers
it depends on the city that your are planing to vist if tis close to the coast it will be rainy but not that cold, but in the west bank, like ram allah city, yes its rainy and cold.
Hi! Well, we're in January and still walk around in T-Shirts, so it doesn't really feel like winter at all. Most of the time it's quite hot, the nights are a bit chilly. I don't think you'll be able to swim though, the water's rather cold. It doesn't rain a lot here in general, and even if it does, it doesn't rain buckets, and it doesn't last more than a day or two.

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