What city should I stay in the South of France for my honeymoon?

We will be renting a car. The options are Nice, Antibes, Cannes, or St. Tropez. Any hotel suggestions will also be welcomed.


Country: France


Hello, i'd rather choose Nice . Anyway they are all closely located.
You can stay in the hotels Ibis (2 stars), or other hotels depending on your budget. There are a lot of gites and auberges houses- private houses that propose legally a room with a breakfast- nice way to meet informally French people, unless you prefer to be alone for your honeymoon -). You need at about 10 minutes by car to go Cannes and St. Tropez from Nice.
St Raphael is lovely & a superb hotel for a honeymoon is
As for me, I'd choose Antibes. It's beautiful. And from my point of view, the other cities you mentioned are really too much touristic.
Agree with the previous poster, Antibes would be my choice but it really is down to what type of honeymoon you're after.

Try ville franche just out of Nice and stay at the hotel welcome. Easy train to Nice or Monarco and cute little harbour town, great restaurants

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