Does anyone know about growing avocados in Thailand?


Country: Thailand


I'm sorry but I can not help not knowing the subject
You live in Chieng Mai but you don't know about it.
Yes they grown in up north of Thailand. You can find out from Royal Project in Chieng Mai and in Bangkok.
Yes, people from North of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Nan, are growing avocados. and also in Pakchong.

If you would like to know more details, kindly contact directly ;

Pakchong Research Station : Kasetsart University

Tel . 0-4431-1796
Fax. 0-4431-3797
Thank you Nannie for your advice. I will check your contacts out.
North Thailand. If you can give us more information what you are looking for and I will try to find out for you. feel interesting as Thai don't really like to eat avocados.
Yes, they are grown in the north, particularly in Nan province, that I know of. You can find them in most of the supermarkets in Bangkok, which are frequented by expats. Quite a lot are exported to Japan.
If Thai people use them, they squash them in a mixer, add sugar and take as a drink as this stuff may do something good for their health.
Great Avocado's in Chiang Mai , just stroll over the Warorot Market and you will find them for 35thb per kilo. Mostly you have to lett them ripe for 3 day's.

Enjoy your meal.

Fokke van Egmond
Thank you but I want to know about growing avocados. I can buy them here on Phuket as well.
Hi I am also interested in growing avocados and have a beautiful large avo tree in my garden that's about four years old. I have done some research and it seems they can take anything up to ten years to have fruit so it can be a long term project. Some fruit can grow after about five years but sometimes never. According to the net there are techniques to "force" them to fruit like cutting into the stem but I have not tried that and would rather wait and see. I live in Pakchong but don't know of any farms around here so would be interested in any more information the same as you. My tree was grown from a seed taken from a pear but I have others that failed. Best of luck.Graham.
Hi Graham I have also heard about the "force" techniques for the tree to bear fruit. One suggestion was to hammer a large nail into the tree trunk. Dont know if this works though.
There are some good answers here, Avocardos are farmed in The north of this country & most of the crops are for export. foodland is the place to buy them in Bangkok, it's a supermarket. If you want to know about farming them yourself then to know more information E-mail me at
Greetings Chantal
I have spoken to a number of people about growing avos and all seem to come to the same conclusions. Trees that are grafted produce good fruits after about ten to twenty years. Most people agree that they suffer from root rot during the rainy season. The dry season is too dry for them, so they need suplimental watering. They also are slow growers BUT you must have male and female plants to cross pollinate the flowers.
Most people concur, it's fun raising the small trees from an unrefrigirated pip, but not worth the long wait for the fruit.
Best to buy the imported avos.
Hope this helps, or I can put you intouch with others, who over the years have tried the same quest as you wish to follow.
Have fun and keep us updated to your progress.
Good fortune to you.
Avocado is my favourite fruit, icecream on top! You can find easy in the north of Thailand. Chiang Mai, Chiangrai, Nan and Maehongsorn growing by hilltribe under Royal project.If you want to visit the farm better contact Royal project office before in Chiang Mai. They will help all what you need.
Bonjour Chantal
Yes, they do - see suggestion from nannie. I have bought local grown avocados.
Sorry, but knowing Israeli/European avocados, Thai avocados are not (edible) good in taste.
If you plan to come down here and grow good tasting avocados, Welcome.
The main is in King project in Chiang Mai,you can find out where you can have from Doi Kham shops around Chiang Mai.
Yes, I do. I'm growing Hass Avocado about 1,000 trees in northern of thailand,right now the trees are flowering and bearing, I might get 100-200 avocados for first year crops, I reckon.and amount will be increase later on next year. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information. Cheers Ben.

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