Where can I teach ESL by the beach in Costa Rica?

I know your going to tell me that most jobs are in San Jose and other cities, but I know other jobs exist. I lived in Costa Rica last summer and my Spanish school on Playa Flamingo hired English teachers a lot, but they are not hiring now. I will be coming in 2 weeks to get a TEFL in Manuel Antonio and then I am determined to find work on a beach, Pacific or Caribbean. Does anyone have inside intel on places that may be hiring now, or what beaches i may have better luck with this time of year? Would also consider Panama but don't know the country nearly as well. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :) Pura Vida.


Country: Costa Rica


Check school angeles de luz in Parrita, located at about 35 minutes to Manuel Antonio.
Always looking for bilingual teachers.

It can help you:

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Now is a good time to get set in a school as this year will be ending soon. New school year starts in mid Feb. Many schools want to see your curriculum and do not provide one for you so be prepared.
Yes you can find work all over Costa Rica not just in San Jose but in San Jose I hear the pay is better if you can get in with a big Company.
Hello ..there are many places that have schools on the beach in CR. I am affliated with a music school as well as have connections with a new aschool opening very near me that is looking for english teachers. I am located on the Nicoya Peninsula right on the Ocean.I cant make any promises but please send me your resume to and I can forward it on for you.
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I know there are a couple of schools in Jaco Beach. Cnat remember the name but I am sure you can google them.
Hey there! Listen, the thing is this, I live in Osa Peninsula, by far the most beautiful place in Costa Rica. There are many hotels in this area, but for sure one of the best options would be to teach in the bilingual school called La Nueva Hoja. Take a look:

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more info.
Try these places:


ó Beach


You can also check out this very helpful website:

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