how much it costs for a week in Egypt ...

hi all ... I want to go egypt next summer ... I just want to know how much it costs me .. because I'll try to save money for it ... I'm a student.. so please tell me just the most cheap ways ...


Country: Egypt


hey Rıdvan Well its depend about what you will do here in Egypt it can cost you about 2000$ with the ticket
tell me like you can go to hurgada or sharm for 5 days then go to cairo for 2 days
so it will be pretty good if you have anymore Qu just email me at
hi dear,
for a student will cost you about about $900 to see cairo,luxor ,and aswan
listen it will coast u around 2200$ to go alex cairo luxuer and u can go for 10 days trip with air ticket and if u intersted about dive and sea u can go sharm for 7 days aroung 500$ any thing contct me iam here
it will coast you 180$
more itenery information please contact me at my email:
Dear Friend ,

You can enjoy Egypt with Hop on Hop off way so you can travel with cheap way for transportation Train and public Buses and enjoy sailing by traiditional felucca and stay at Hostels which cost you 6 - 8 USD per night so by this way you will need between 300 - 400 USD for you week in Egypt and if you are intreset you can contact me.
it will depends which places you want to visit, for students all entrance fees is half priced, if you told me what kind of accomodation and places to visit I would make for you a good programme with a good price for student.
e_mail me:-
make a friends here in egypt and u will have manythings cheap,,,,,,,,,,, and do not for get your student identityy,,, it will gives u 50% discount in all the historic places,, and by the way,, what do u wanna do in egypt,,, so i can dirrect u to what to do and what not to do my personal contact e-mail is
send me email:
Hi Ridvan

My Name is Mohammed i work in the Travel business ur question is a hard one because there is a lot 2 do here and could cost what you want. What do you want to do. stay in Cairo or travel around or you want beach holiday. go to or broad way travel and you can have a look at the different hotels and prices. You can go to and look at the diffrent things you can do or they can give you advice so hope you have a great time.
u can make a contact with ur nearest coptic church and they can mange a cheap tour for u with hosting in any egyptian family ...
i can host u her for free too and mange the rest together
Hi : please tell me what do you like to do and i will tell you how much it cost? contact me on
Costs can vary greatly based on your plans .. but there are hostels which cost 9 dollars per night and food can cost you about 10 dollars per day.
Get your student indentity it will cut down entrance fees to historical places by 50% , Egyptians are friendly and have great hospitality and you will feel this.
Public transportation are cheap in Egypt, the metro costs 1 l.e which is about 0.2 dollars and it spans a wide area in Cairo
Hi, Lyndall here from Nile Wave Travel. I can't tell you exacatly because I'm not sure what you want to do or where you want to go but here is some information for you:

- as a student your entry (you must have your student ID) will be half price into all historical sites like the pyramids, the museums etc. That would mean for example, the pyramids would cost you 30 pounds (about US$5.50) and the Egyptian Museum the same.
- you can stay in hostels in dormitory rooms with a shared bathroom for about US$9-10. Some hostels have free airport transfers.
- trains and buses are inexpensive and even taxis are not too costly. However if you want to go out of Cairo the train only goes from Aswan in the south to Marsa Matrouh in the north (via Alexandria). You can't get to the Red Sea beach areas or the Sinai by train. If you speak Arabic the local transport will be OK for you but microbuses and even ordinary buses very difficult if you don't speak Arabic.
- eating local/street food is also inexpensive, e.g. a koshery meal is 5 pounds, felafel is about 75 piasters for each one, the same for local shabrawy or sandwiches, a bottle of water at a supermarket one pound 50 piastres. Local baladi bread is about 5 pieces for one pound (and it's my favourite!) Fruit is also cheap. Getting your breakfast included at your accommodation can save money or get food from the supermarket. In summer it will very important that you drink a lot of water.
- if you stay only in Cairo I think you could get by very comfortably with 400 US$ and with that you could shout yourself to some night spots or a good restaurant one night.
- if you go out of Cairo, even though the train would only cost you around US$80 return to Aswan and back, you might like to have a safety margin and bring US$500.

I hope this is helpful. Find Nile Wave Travel at . If we can help you at all we'd love to do so. Become a fan and stay in touch :-)

All the best with your saving - I know you will have an awesome time in Egypt!
Hello and welcome to Egypt.

For a backpacker tour including Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and and Abut Simbel, in budget hotels, on seated train between cities, and shared tours to the sites.
would be about
$500 per week for tours, hotels, transfers, and train.
and another $125 for the entrance fees.
For meals not included, you can eat pretty cheap if you like.
it depends but for the cheapest way ever u should heire a local person it will costs money so u can replace it with friends . and i will be happy to take u for nice and cheap places of course for free.
thanks ...
I really want to see Egypt... but I'm really busy until next summer...
can we keep in touch ...

Regards Rıdvan
hi, Ridvan.
it will cost you about 250 $ in 2 star hotel down town.
if you can stay in youth hostel ( in Maniyal ) Nile veiw 15$/day
it depends on the trip you want cairo luxor and aswan it will be like 500$ so if u will wana come egypt burself it will be more expensive for you. especially that you have a student identity the entrence of the museum will be more cheaper for you
hope to come and have a nice time her in egypt if you got your student identity to you will have a descount on your trip send me an email at
200 $
hostels in downtown for accomodation , public transportation and taxis for transportation , local food , all can cost you 300$ for the week

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