what is the best hotel near the deadsea (quality/price)


Country: Jordan


Hi i am tyseer from wadi rum desert i am a tourist dead sea all the hotels are 5 stars so its quit exp.i advice you to come early and have full day thair than go stay in amman ore petra ore my desert wadi rum.
any way you are welcome to come to wadi rum and if you like i can guide you in jordan.
you can contact me at ,
ore call at 0777946394.
all best

Quite expensive, but worth every cent! Especially if you managed to book a room in the private area...
Hello Nada,

Well as Lama answered Moeven Pick is amazing, and very nice, but it's quite expensive, and so is the Marriott but what makes the Marriott better, is that it has a free spa. Yet, I have visited Holiday Inn, that just opened 9 days ago from now, and it's really nice too, it has amazing pools, and still not so busy so you could have some relaxation time.

If you'd like to book through us, please don't hesitate emailing

But this is as far as I can help you if you would rather do it yourself.

Take care
hi iam iam belal odeh , i have some names of hotel in deadsea : Movenpick Hotel, Dead Sea/ JW Marriott Hotel, Dead Sea/ Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea/ Therapeutic Dead Sea Hotel/Maine Janna Spa Hotel... I prefer Movenpick Hotel, Dead Sea
i hope you well try it.
First of all Sit Nada Welcome to Jordan. It is really nice to have you here among us in jordan.
Basically , you have only two available choices. I listed them below :
, 1. Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea Sgl. 323.20 USD incl. breakfast
It is a real Jordanina village style resort; 355 rooms & suites; ZARA spa; 4 restaurants; 3 bars; 3 swimming pools; Private Beach and extension featuring private Beach Rooms and open deck swimming pool and lounge.

2.Jordan Valley Marriott Resort &...Amman Sgl. 182.87 USD
The Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa is tucked between the mountains and the Dead Sea near ancient, sacred sites such as Mount Nebo and the Jordan River.

If you wanna come to Jordan for few days then above hotels might be good choice since you can get a nice relaxing experience.
If you are planing to stay for longer then you might consider finding something cheaper in Amman. Transportation to dead see is not a problem.
If you need anything in Jordan and I mean anything. Please don't hesitate to contact me at 0799 340 682 or

I hope you enjoy your stay in Jordan. All the best

Greeting from dead sea

im Tariq Workink in Kempinski dead sea as a reservation
Our hotel One of best hotel in the area not in the dead sea only
so if you Neess and help call me @ 00962 79 6777501
Or email @ tariq.omar@
Hi Nada , welcome to Jordan my friend,u have different kinds of hotels near the deadsea shore such as Movambec,deadsea hotel and 4seasons, all of it too expencive ,5 stars , I invite u to be my home guest where u can live with us as a member of the family , we r 3.I,my wife and my grandson who is studing as a university student , we r near the bus station who is going daily to the dead sea, or I can take u by my car and u can return by ur self after u finish, u can find food free in my house if u like it. call me on my mobile 00962-0795809663
Welcome home darling
Mohammad Lahham
All the hotels in the dead sea follow high standers therefore it's hard to pick, however check the following online guide;

Hopefully it will make your decision easier, other than that have a nice stay.

Best Regards
Trip To Jordan - Team
Dear Nada,
If you were a Jordanian , you usually get more expensive rate than none Jordanian, I know this sounds strange , but this is what it is, Hotels at the Dead Sea are 5*, accept for the 4* Dead Sea Spa, room rate depends on the category of the room, standard , deluxe, suites, flats.. etc each hotel has different room and residents category , I recommend that you go visit their websites and see your budget, the largest beach is the 4* Dead Sea Spa beach, you can either contact an tour operator in Jordan if you are none Jordanian and you get the best rates this way, if you contact the hotels directly you might get the rack rate which is usually expensive... Best Wishes
Dear Nada,
Thanks for question and interest in visiting Jordan

Regarding the Dead Sea area it has a fantastic collection of luxury hotels and resorts varied from four stars and five stars.

Further to the five stars hotels they are as follows:
1 Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa: it is a causy resort and spa that has a fantastic facilities; spa, restaurants, pools, beach, gym, and jungle for children.

you can get more details from choose Jordan as country then choose the hotel, you will be able to see all the room types and rates. As I can not mention specific rates since they are differ within the seasons, and the room type.

2. kempenski Ashtar: it is a sophisticated place where you can enjoy the sun and the sea and of course the fascilties that the hotel offers.

for further information visit:

3. Movenpick hotel and resort: also you can enjoy the dead sea the spa and all the facilities there.

for further information visit:

Regarding the four stars hotel they are two:

1. Holiday Inn: it was opened about a month ago good facilities also good service.

please visit

2. Dead Sea Spa: nice spa and resort.

please visit: /HOTEL_FACILITIES.htm

I hope that your question has been answered as you wish, also hope you a pleasant stay in the Dead Spa regardless of what your choice is.

Thank you,
Tamer Shwaiter
Hi, as Lama answered I would always suggest Movenpick. Hope you have nice time in Jordan.
Qaulity price that would be the holiday Inn it is recently open, and they are making very good offer and Holiday Inn is goodin its service and standards, so u will enjoy staying there the room is only 80 JD

its very good please and lot of services
wishes you have a nice time in dead sea its very nice please spicily this days
Movenipick or Kempinski. High quality and high price.
i didnt read the other answers actualy , but i can tell that kempinski is one of best , and you have the new holidayInn ,,, enjoy it
Hello Nada,

Thank you for you inrest to visit Jordan.
regarding the hotels you can have a great idea and some pictures from the website
its the offical website for all touristic activites
for farther information please don't Email me any time at
Mariott, 2nd Movenpick
there is the holiday inn hotel, which opened there few weeks ago.. and there is kempinski.

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