we have about 2,5 hour free time at the airport waiting for connection.Does it have sense to visit city centre.How far is it from the...

...airport?How many time do we need just to go the centre and take a look on the town.


Country: Singapore


First, welcome to Singapore. The Airport is only half hour to forty five mins to the city. If you have 2,5 hours, you can take a city tour from the airport to the city and back. There is a service which is free :) and you can join this free trip when you arrived in singapore. Upon arrival, ask any airport staff or personnel for "free city tour" and they will guide you to a counter to join the tour. You will enjoy it. Good luck, stay healthy and have fun.
Thanks for visiting Singapore. With 2.5 hours to spend, you might be able to travel to near-by places like Changi, Bedok, Singapore Expo places like that. You can also spend lots of time at the airport transit lounge as there are many things to do andrelax including taking a shower, massage etc etc and surfing the net on wireless broadband provided.

The free Singapore Changi Airport Tour needs about 5 hours and isuitable for tourists who have a layover of about 5 hours or more. You can Google search on "Free Singapore Tour" and it will bring you to the Changi Airport link for free tour details.
Hi there, You can take the MRT (train service) from Terminal 2 to the City. It may be a little rush as the journey will take you roughly around 30-40mins to get downtown.

If you wanna see the city, i will suggest you stop at City Hall and take a walk outside.

So it's gonna be rush hour for u.

Hi there... 2.5 hours - honestly, will get you nowhere. Even if you just take a train to the city and back, it'll take you at least 45 mins (with waiting time and everything). It will be a rushed thing - and that's not good.

Just lounge around the airport if you'd like - we have movie theatres, shopping, video games, massage, swimming pool, WiFi, lots of food... Time will pass before you know it.

Or if you really must travel from place to place - take the inter-airport connection Skytrain and go from one terminal to another - the shops and interior is slightly different from terminal to terminal, and its quite interesting to see the difference ;)
Hello There! Frankly, 2.5 hrs free time at the airport is not much considering that you would need 30 mins to come out after all formalities and would need to be at the gate at least 35-40 mins before take off. So that leaves you with less than 75-90 minutes.
UNLESS, you have taken all that into account and have a complete 150 minutes to spare.

Before I tell you how you can maximize those 150 minutes, let me inform you that Changi Airport is one of the world's biggest and best airports, with a wide variety of activities and things to see and shop. All 3 terminals are connected via the free Skytrain. If you'd still like to give the airport a miss and rather head out for a quick tour, this is what you should do: Make a dash for the Basement to catch the MRT (Train). Alight at TANAH MERAH station and just wait at the platform to catch the train heading towards JOO KHOON station. Alight at CITY HALL station, which is about 9 stations away from TANAH MERAH. All this will take about 45 minutes. So you have about 1 hour to do a quick walk in and around City Hall area, including the majestic Raffles Hotel and Victory Monument and Merlion Park.
Tight, I'd say, but Best of Luck anyway!
firstly, if u are going to take a cab to down town will take u about 15-20mins. depending on the flow of traffic. if take by train, its double the time. so, from my point of view, 2.5 hours is a very short time. it is possible to go around town area, but u may miss your plane. unless you are going to expo to shop around, or hang around at changi village, bedok, tampines or pasir ris, only then you can plan what you want to do. anyways, there are a lot of things to do at the airport as they have a lot of facilities now. more and more duty free shops, wi-fi is readily available, nice fast food chain and much more. just by exploring the airport can took up 2.5 hours. just to play safe of not wanting to miss your plane, i suggest if you have more time, then you can go to the city area without any hesitation of losing your flight.
Singapore is a small country and even with the city centre within 20 min of the airport, there isn't much time for you to look around as you only have 2.5 hours.

Unlike a domestic transit, you'll need to clear immigration although in Singapore, that should be a breeze. In a best case scenario, you would have 1 to 1.5 hours to travel out and look around. If you take a cab to and from the city, you can have 30 min. This might be good if you just want to take in some sights and take a very short walk around.

The airport does provide a free city tour, but it operates those for passengers with a minimum of 5 hours in transit.

I would recommend that you spend time in Changi Airport itself. People generally do not like to spend time at airports but Changi will offer you plenty of shopping opportunities, a chance to catch a movie, go for a swim, surf the internet on the free computer terminals and so on (wifi is also free). There are even landscapped areas to relax amid some greenery. Check out for information about the 3 terminals which are open for you to explore.

Pop by in Singapore the next time and give yourself a few days to really explore out amazing island.
I think that 2.5hr is too short. I would suggest that you do a walk around all the 3 Terminal + Budget Terminal. I wouldn't say that it is going to be a interesting trip but at least you get a feel of Singapore Airport facilities and services. :)
HI there,
I suggest u spend your time inside the airport.
Trying to shop around some merchadise and retail inside the transit lounge.
You will be more relaxing and suprise to enjoy the 2.5 hours stay inside the Hotel.
I don't suggest u spend time to travel outside the airport, as who know you overstay outside and miss your plane.
Hi, with this amount of time, it is possible to visit some places near the airport. Contact me if you need my service, have a nice day! :)
You have 2 options here. One is to take the train that goes into the city. The east line train connects to orchard road via city hall. It takes about 45 mins to get there but if you want to save time, it makes sense to take the cab that will take you to the city in 20 mins. You have time to eat and look around if you are focused on a particular area you want to see such as City Hall or the Esplanade. To vist orchard road, you need more time. Hope this info helps.

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