How much is an average beer at a bar in toyko?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


it depends where you go. If at a respective bars in a hotel or Irish pubs, it usually costs bet 800 - 1200JPY. But if you go to any
tapas bar (called Izakaya), it's from 350 - 550JPY. We say "kampai!" for cheers. Enjoy!!
I would say around 900 yen. That's about $10. Beer is heavily taxed in Japan. You might find some cheaper deals during "happy hour" or from some Japanese establishments that are non-traditional bars. Still, figure a load of cash for a night out on the town if you drink a lot.
A mug of local (Japanese) draft beer will range around 450 to 800 yen depending on the size of the beer mug and the location, type of shop. There are also pseudo beers "Dai 2 and Dai 3 or happoshuu" drinks that are often sold as beers but noted as such in smaller lettering. For ales and bitters they range from 850 to 900 a pint. (Which is strange because Japan uses the metric system). If you ask for bottled beer, Japanese beer will range from 400 to 700 and you may get chubin (medium bottle) or oobin (large bottle) depending on where you are. The larger the city, the higher the price and the taller the buildings.

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