What is weather like in Jaco beach end of October, beginning of November


Country: Costa Rica


Its winter, really rainy, is better from december to april, the summer here is beautiful!!!
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This will still be in the green season, everything is lush and beautiful. There will still be some rain as the dry season hasn't started yet. The up side is that it's not so hot, the seas are very calm & the water is warm, good luck & enjoy
it is very rainy octubre is considered one of most rainy month of the year but still beautiful and good waves
Jaco or the southern side of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is not really the best area to visit in October, to much rain than sometimes even uncommunicate that towns with flooded rivers or land slides on the roads, you should check the northern side better, still pretty rainy but normally better, Tamarindo maybe.
The other respondents are correct that it's near the end of the dry season and the rain is less likely on the Nicoya Peninsula. The dry season may come earlier this year with climate change. I'd recommend Playa Brasilito, Hotel Diversion Tropical for reasonable rates and proximity to conchal one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in front of a 5 star hotel that provides security on the beach. You can expect morning sunshine and probable afternoon showers in both Jaco and Nicoya.
Expect a lot of rain! The rainy season in CR does not end until mid December on the Central pacific coast. And October thru November can be the rainiest time of year on the Pacific coast.
In october mostly rain and also in november, most of the day are: In the morining sunny and in the afternoon rain

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