How much is the price for visiting the Elephant orphanage ?


Province: Central

Country: Kenya


Visiting this orphanage is a delight and is something that no one visiting this area should miss.
You arrive at a dusty car park on the edge of Nairobi NP and after a short walk through the elephant stables arrive at a roped off area. The public viewing time is at about 12pm - get there early to have a good view of the elephants as it's a popular place to visit. Initially you are introduced to the youngest nursery elephants. Coated in blankets to protect them from the sun, these tiny elephants run around in front of you and lead their keepers a merry dance! About three keepers along the rope introduce you to the elephants and tell you their stories.
The 'babies' are then herded away as the 'kindergarten' charge into the area for milk. They know it is feeding time and trumpet their expectations! The keepers continue to give the crowd a running commentary of individual elephant history and general elephant facts as the youngsters drink their bottled milk. These babies brush up against the rope and are are very close to the spectators. You might even find yourself crying at the realization of the 'humanness' of these amazing creatures. If you were not an admirer of elephant culture before, you will be after a visit to this orphanage.
In addition to the elephants you are likely to see baboons and wild boar at close quarters.
After the elephants have taken their milk, trundled and rolled in mud pools and generally played up, you return to the stable area. Here, T shirts, cards and Daphne's pictures are on sale. They are not cheap BUT after appreciating the orphanage's work and being captured by the worthiness of their project, it feels acceptable to spend some money in support of their cause.
The centre took about 30 minutes to get to from the Nairobi Serena; if you have fostered an elephant in advance of a visit the you can contact the orphanage to arrange 5 (ish) pm visit to meet them and see them going to bed. The orphanage is well organized and an ideal activity for both young and old.

Half Day Excursion to Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe centre , Daphne Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi, Kenya.Minimum Rate per person US$ 70

Nairobi best excursion with lots of what to do in Nairobi to Karen Blixen Museum - Nairobi -Excursion to Karen Blixen Museum and Giraffe Centre is one of - Nairobi Tour in Nairobi City where a ,Nairobi Excursions tours you to the i The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:
A Haven for Elephants and Rhinos...

Ksh 500/=

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