In tems of your local dishes, what would you recommend to try and where (big restaurants, markets, road side stalls etc.)? Hot dishes... problem! And in your opinion, which is the best locally brewed beer?


Country: South Korea


Hite and Cass are pretty good beers and Asahi isn't too bad either, but it's from Japan.
You would have to try kimchi, it's the most famous dish in Korea. There are so many different kinds though. The best food is at your traditional restaurants. Samgyeopsal, bulgogi, galbi, are all meat dishes, but not spicy. You get spicy side dishes with it. Ori-gogi /Ori-tang are duck dishes and can be spicy. Duk-galbi is chicken and spicy, but good. It's an adventure out there as far as food go, so try it all.
Hite, max and cass are the common korean beers.
Cheap and light but good.
About the gastronomy, i would say that most of the dishes are spicy.
Meat cooked on a barbecue are common.
The so -bulgogi is a must (beef meat marinated with herbs and vegetables), served in a pot.
But you can try the bimbimbap as well (vegetarian dish with rice, vegetables, mushrooms all mixed).
Kimchi (cabbage marinated in chili paste and garlic) is the korean bread, you will find it on every tables.
It's this dish witch has saved the nation of starvation before the fifty's ans korean love it.
I would recommand you to imerge yourself in the real popular cuisine, go to the little restaurants. They are not luxuous but it's a gate to meet korean in their element. You can eat as a king for less than 7 dollars USD.
I also strongly recomand Korea House in Jeju.
The idear is to have a king's feat (a real feast exatly like it was served in the past).
It's close to the hyatt hotel in Seogwipo, you won't regret.
And you will be able to travel througt the ages...

Excuse my poor english, i am french.
A couple of my favourites are Pajon, which is korean savory pancake made with leek and squid. Kop-jang, which is chopped up intestines on the grill. Sounds bad, but it's tasty and very spicy. Soon-day, which is korean noodleblood sausage. haha, another that sounds kinda bad, but Koreans love it and so will you! And Neng-Myon which literally means cold noodles. It's buck-wheat noodles, served in a vinegarymustard broth, with ice, egg and vegetables. It's pretty tasty. You can even find restaurants that serve this, with a side of braised meat (galbi) for only 4 bucks. damn that's value!
As for beer...I have been drinking Cass Light lately for a little change in flavour from regular Cass and low calouries too. Or you can go Cass Red, same price but 6.9% alcohol! My regular is Hite, though. All Koreans beers need a lot of work, but there is a bunch of micro breweries opening that have all you can drink from between 5 and 15 dollars. These have decent beers...and it's all u can drink for cheap. Hope that helps!
BEEEER is not the Korean traditional beverage. You can find Korean beers and imported ones from the states and german. You can even enjoy Japanese ones too. Smalll world Huh? It's just the same as your country. Food is spicy. Sometimes salty. It depends on the locals.
Hi Wilfried,
I just wanted to check with you and see if you have stopped by the Korea Tourism Organization's website.. It is packed with information and tips, and may be very helpful for you.

Also, when you come to Seoul, if you need any help, please feel free to contact me. I can take you to some of my favorite places.

best locally brewed beer you can get in Nongshim Hotell in Pusan, subway st N 127

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