Here are some typical, and highly recommended, dishes that most visitors like to try: - Ceviche (fish cooked in the juice of limes,...

...served with camote and choclo) - Cuy (guinea pig, served in a variety of ways - wait until you're in the Andes to try this for the most authentic experience) - Alpaca (usually served in steaks)


Country: Peru


Well, the list of dishes may continue growing every day nowadays! Ceviche is, of course, the most known (many south american countries exhibit ceviche but none of them as ours, with peruvian original lemon juice to cook).
Roasted chicken (the peruvian way) has, surprisingly, turned into a very good thing to taste; it comes with peruvian fried potatoes, spicy sauce of various kinds.
You cannot miss Lomo Saltado (Salted beef) that comes with tomato, onions, peruvian fried potatoes of course, green chile, soy sauce, and a portion of boiled rice.
Papa a la Huancaína (Huancayo' style potatoes): this spectacular plate is an entry made of mashed yellow peruvian potatoes, stuffed with small chicken chunks (or tuna) onions, lettuce, and green chile.
About desserts you could not miss Suspiro a la Limeña, a typical sweet dessert made of evaporated an condensed milk, cinnamon and battered white of eggs topping; peruvians and tourist love it as well; another very popular local dessert is Picarones, a fried donut type of dessert but made from pumpkins, milk and eggs: only the local lady experts can get them in a rounded form (centered holed) before they put in the big pan full of oil to fry; then serve them with local chancaca (a by product of raw corn sugar) honey. Delicious!
Do not forget to try the PISCOSOWER the best drink.

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