Is the AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card widely accepted in your country for payment, particularly in hotels, and ATM services?


Country: South Korea


Yes, the AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card is widely accepted in any of places in Korea, including hotels, but you have to make sure if your credit card is open for cash withdrawl service intenationally when you need to.
It is widely accepted but I advise you to prepare VISA or Mastercard because in some places they don't accept American Express cards.
Not really. In seoul It's Ok but In Local areas, I don't think so. trust me. I once had an experience near my area. They- tourists , American navy sailors- couldn't buy souveniors. Big famous Hotel or just big hotel? Yes . Out of Seoul? I can't gurantee.
I would say the same.
Not everywhere, even in Seoul.
A visa is defimitly a better option.
Not really. It's best to go with a visa or mastercard.
Visa is better,but there is nothing like cash.Bring plenty of cash or change money into cash in Seoul before venturing into smaller places.have fun,
Yeah, most place take Credit cards take Amex, but it's same, if go visit local, there are chances of only cash places. since you particularly asked hotel and atm, you're gonna be just fine.
American Express is accepted in Korea.
You should be aware about your pin number if you have one in order to use your card. The pin access codes only accept up to 4 digits, so if you have one over 4 it could be a problem.
Do keep in mind that any purchases in Korea will be transfered into Korean currency instead of US dollars.

Good luck and have a safe trip!

You could use your AMEX here in Seoul city limits. going to countryside it is 50/50 depending on the facility of the shop you visited. bringing so many cash is also troublesome. Exchanging USD to Kwon is not available anywhere.

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