I am hosting and producing a short documentary for Dutch TV. The GG bridge will also be covered, we need a GG bridge expert.


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


I'd recommend contacting the Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District (). They have people who deal with the press, and I've seen them represented on countless press reports and documentaries. I'm sure you could get them to make some comments.
The big question is whether you will need a permit to shoot on the bridge or not. If you show up with a big crew and an obviously large and "professional' camera rig and may incur the attention of Bridge security who will want to know if you have a permit to shoot on the bridge. I travel the bridge everyday and I am a documentary film maker...I see tourists with small tripods shooting on the bridge...if your rig is small and you don't look to 'serious' you will probably not be bothered. My feeling is 'keep your shoot really simple' and don't do anything that will necesitate a permit...the process can be expensive and time consuming.If you want to inquire phone the Golden Gate Bridge Authority for info on where to apply.
Good luck

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