Where is the best place in Jamaica for zip line rides and how much will they cost?


Country: Jamaica


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The best place would be Mystic Mountain in ocho Rios. US$104
The best place would be Mystic Mountain in ocho Rios. US$104
You have several options Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios which includes 3 other rides Chukka cove Priory St Ann,Chukka Blue Montego Bay and theres a new tour at Great River in Montego Bay. Mystic Mountain is the most expensive as it comes in a package the others from US$80 upwards
This answer is depending on where you are staying in Jamaica if you are in the Montego Bay or Negril area then it is available through Chukka Blue if you are staying in the Runaway Bay or Ocho Rios are then it is offered through Chukka Cove or Mystic Mountain if you choose Mystic Mountain you would not only get to zip line but you ride the skylift explorer to the top of the mountain and Bob sledding is also available there.
humm, thats a good one, i will check this one out for you.
book with we will get ou the best price and location for zip lines. awesome!
Check out Jamaica zip Line Adventours Ltd., they have the longest in the island, plust they are 20 minutes out of Montego Bay. For pricing and negotiations contact them at
Mystic Mountain ochie $104 check out
Mystic Mountain in ocho Rios. cost US$104
Mystic Mountain ochie $104 check out
but check around there r a few places doing the thing..
The zip line at White River Valley is only 30us if you reach there on your own

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