I'd love to take a trip to Egypt - has anyone been since the revolution? Is it safe for Americans?


Country: Egypt


Dear Molly
you are welcome in Egypt
As for your question ,yes there are many tourists who visit egypt nowadays after revolution and it's safe to visit it nowadays
And if you are talking about the demonstrations that still occur in Cairo, it became very rare and not like the last two months

Also you can organize your tour to spend as follows
-two days in Cairo visiting the pyramids,sphinx,the Egyptian Museum,Old Cairo& the citadel with a felucca ride the Nile
-four days in Luxor,Aswan and Abu simbel in a deluxe nile 5 star cruise sailing in the nile between luxor and aswan with dancing shows and various parties
-three days in Sharm el Sheikh to relax on the beach of the Red Sea and enjoying diving and coral reefs views with a safari trip there
-back to Cairo in the last days to farewell Egypt

This is the best program and safest one as these are the most secured places in Egypt

if you need to reserve any tours or to arrange for any service ,we offer a full travel services from the airport to the final departure including transfers,accommodation,transportation,guided tours,entrance fees,,........etc

Best Regards
Michael Hanna


Dear Molly,

The answer to your question is a big YES. Egypt is quite safe at the moment. Tourists are all over the place. The best way to do Egypt is to combine a bit of culture and a bit of fun. So I suggest that you do Cairo first where you see the following places :
- The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo, the Bazaar, Coptic, Jewish and Islamic Cairo.

Then you can fly into Upper Egypt to do a fantastic Nile cruise for a few nights. Afterwards you can do Sharm el-Shaikh which is a very beautiful beach resort. Like this you will see the best in Egypt.

I'm a registered tour guide myself. I'm a member of the Egyptian Tour Guide Syndicate. It will be my pleasure to show you around Cairo as it's my specialization. I have taken tours in Cairo for more than twenty years. I can also pick you up at the airport if you like. My prices are quite affordable.

To see my profile, my tours, my prices and get a lot of details, please see my website :
Dear Molly,
about your question,Egypt save nowdays after revolution
dear molly
egypt is very safe after revolution and egyption people are friendlyand good
u are welcome tovisit egypt like cairo sharm hurghada taba luxour aswan marsa alam
Hi Molly...
Of course as u c from all z answers, it's really safe to visit Egypt at z moment.
Lots of tourists from allover z world have been coming since march.
Me personally, I work as a tour guide & I had many American groups since z revolution, in fact I'm having a group from USA of 30 young travellers mid June, anyway, if u need anything contact me on , c u soon & enjoy ur holiday in Egypt!
Hi there Molly,

Cairo really is very safe for tourists, there are certainly some who have come although not as many as before, so seeing the sites of Egypt sis quite an amazing experience without so many people around. I live near the pyramids and we only see a few buses around, it's quite magical there without the huge crowds.

But Egypt needs tourists and is doing everything possible to ensure a safe and fantastic holiday for visitors.

all the best

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

hi , i;m a tour guide in Egypt , and i met so many clients after the revolution , it is safe 100 % , but it is boring because it is not crowd right now , the 2nd things , more hassles from the bazaars owners to sell you stuff , but if you wish you can come and if you want me send you the e-mails of the American clients who been to Egypt last few days i can do it and you can communicate with them and they can tell you the image
Dear Molly; Thank you for thinking to visit our country, actually I can't tell you it's safe now or/ at least 100 or 80% even safe, Cairo is not safe but only at night time,so if y'd like to go arround by night time it's not safe not like b4, I know some people would like to come and ofcourse it's good to have tourists but I don't recommend the time being,still the police can't help,but at Aswan,Luxor,Hurghada it's safe even night time..but to be honest Cairo is NOT..maybe my answer will shocking to many people but it's the truth..Tnks again, hope to see you but after things calm down and back to normal..
You are so welcomed to visit Egypt at any time :)
It is now safe and people from all the nationalities comes to Egypt gradually
If you want any help I can make u a very good program with cheap price. including transportatioins, accommodations, guidance, and food as well.
If you are interested just send us the details on that mail

Best Regards,

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