Hello everyone :) can someone tell me what the weather will be like in Rio around mid August till the end of September? thx :) Ryan


Country: Brazil


Dear Ryan,
Rio has only two seasons along the year: hot and hell.
During August and September it will be hot. It rains a lot by the end of March (end of summer) but it does not at the end of winter.
Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thank you Alexandre, really appreciate your help and looking forward to visiting your beautiful city
I need to agree with the previous colleague...
Winter rain less than in the summer and august is our high winter but it does mean it will be cold, it can be windy and disturbing when it is cloudly.

The days are short, this is the bad side, but temperatures are really pleasant!

See the pictures in my blog, some of them were taken in the winter, the link is
Sorry, it is - thank you!
Thanks Rafael. Nice pictures by the way, are the temperatures high enough to chill on the beach and catch some sun? Also I am rather keen on exploring the nightlife and since it is not peak season would that mean some of the clubs are closed during this time? Thanks guys!
I agree with both Alexandre and Rafael, specially about the cloudy and rainy days. But it tends to get better in mid-September. Besides, the city of Rio de Janeiro has lots of activities and points of interest to visit, regardless the weather conditions. And during the winter months you can visit the cities in mountain region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, such as Petropolis, Teresopolis and Nova Friburgo - same cities that have had major flood and landslides in the beginning of 2011.
Tourists are welcome, bt you'd better visit their official websites first, all available via this Wikipedia link - (under "metropolitana do rio de janeiro/serranas). There you find information to any city, including links to local Halls and useful sites).
All cities under "Baixadas/Lagos are nice, specially Buzios and Cabo Frio.
I suggest you also search Localyte and Google for hotels, hostels (called here albergues) and pousadas, email them, call by phone or skype, to get information about vacanciy, prices, etc.
Also think about Angra dos Reis and Paraty.
Even during winter, you can have a great experience isiting Brazil and Rio. Just plan ahead.
Feel free to call me in US 5163231188 or Brazil +551381387755. I live in So Paulo, but I can give you any advice over the phone.

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