I am A Wildlife photographer in centurion with my own small start up business, im looking for viable outlets to market my products...

...from, I already have the joburg craft market going, anyone know of places such as this one?


Country: South Africa


Hello :) why don't u try to put some of your workon line.
You can try Bruma flea market and the Rosebank flea market. There are also great websites that allow you to publish your pictures and pay you a royalty every time the picture is bought (I know this because I'm a amateur photographer).

The fleamarkets are great, but very labour intensive. I would suggest selling it as stock images (selling licences, not the images themselves) for more information about that, look at our FAQ page we set up (Both the wife and I are full-time stock photographers) look at:

If you are very keen on selling the actual prints, then I can also suggest contacting a few galleries... Most South African galleries prefer tradtional mediums to photography, but it's worth a shot, with the bonus that you do not need to attend a stall.

Lastly I would also suggest that you try the more direct approach and contact the various Game Lodges... many of the higher end ones cater for an International market, and may sell the images through their own little shop at te lodge - Beware though, they might want to take it only on consignment, and damages to artwork while in the shop will be for your account.

In the same vein, you might want to contact new shopping centre shops and restuarants and supply the images for sale, as decor for the shop. Consignment again, but you will hit more high-end feet (depending on the venue, off course)
hey Sean, I dont really sell the images on their own, ive gone more for practical products that people can use with my designs on, ive already started with the stock agencies, shutterstock and dreamstime for now. ill see what the game lodges leads to, I was just hoping to compile a list of places for now and use it for the future.
As you are looking at marketing your images, whty do you not get a sample of your shots and approach a curio shops and sell them as postcard prints.
I will think you will need to advertise in all the free site ..Gumtree, Vottle , Junkmail...and assest the results...they are so many...and a site of Gert Bosman Business Intelligents...he can give good tips for your Bussines
Hi there Sven. There are a number of craft markets in Durban, thats if you willing to expand your market. I know of a few people selling wildlife pics printed onto large canvas size frames. They are making good cash. Some selling at R3k a picture. I think flea markets are the way to go in terms of selling to the right market. There is great exposure there too. i.e meeting people, signing up prints for game lodges etc. I can get large format print onto canvas for great prices, they are quality and the texture looks amazing, Give me shout on 083 279 7599. or drop me your contact details. This can work out to be a great business opportunity.

Cheers -
Ryan Roberts
083 279 7599

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