where are the best beaches in Costa Rica


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Both coasts have nice beaches. The north Pacific has one called Conchal Beach which is one of the best ones in Guancastes. Also, Flamingo, Samara and Carrillo are beautiful. Central Pacific has Manuel Antonio as a nice beach.
The Caribbean beach Cahuita is one of the most mentioned for this area.
There are a lot off beautifull beaches in Costa Rica, in the Caribian or the Pacific, but if what you want to see isnice beaches and a lot of nature and wildlife, you should come to Drake Bay to the Corcovado National Park.
There are great beaches ev'rywhere. For the best and most confortable hotels, I'd recommend Guanacaste which is easily reached by air or car. Try the reasonably-priced Hotel Diversion Tropical in Playa Brasilito. The hospitality there is great and it's within walking distance of Conchal (Shell) Beach which is an 10 on a scale of 10 in front of a 4 star hotel. Beaches to the south of Guanacaste are also great, especially those on the Osa Peninsula. Puerto Viejo and Cahuita on the Caribbean are likewise beautiful and charming. Rainy seasons vary. When you come it might be raining ev'ryday all day in The Osa, raining only in the afternoon in guanacaste and sunny all day on the opposite coast. The Caribbean is rainy much of the year and Guanacaste usually has a long dry season.
Thanks for your great thoughtful reply. I have been looking at the Guanacaste area. I will have a look at your suggestions. Ever heard of Tambor Tropical Beach Resort? Any good?
Playa Hermosa, a few km north from Santa Teresa on the Pacific side of Nicoya, is gorgeous but dangerous. Playa Escondida in the Manuel Antonio national park is a hike that most tourists don't want to take - so you can have it all to yourself, aside from the iguanas. Protected from the ocean, very nice.
Costa Rica has over 1200 miles of beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans. The Pacific has 780 miles and seems to be the most popular. However the beaches south of Puerto Limon all the way to Panama on the Carribben Coast are gorgeous. Here is a link from my newsletter about Pacific beaches . Good luck

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