Is it true that Menengai crater is haunted by evil spirit.


Country: Kenya


Its a Myth,
A number of strange things are said to happen in the crater, such as people disappearing without trace, others losing directions for hours (or even days) only to be found by their relatives wandering around in a trance. Historians say the place was a scene of violent battle pitting the Laikipia Maasai, who did not recognise the authority of the Laibon, against Ilpurko Maasai. In one battle, it is said, the Ilaikipiak warriors were thrown into the caldera. Legend has it that the Menengai Crater is home to many demons and ghosts and so the crater is referred to as Kirima kia ngoma, “the place of devils”. But despite the eerie stories about the crater, pilgrims from as far as Kisumu, Kakamega and even Mombasa come to pray and fast at the site for days.
The menengai crater is found on the rift valley , because of the volcanic movements of the said area people are really afraid and have built a lot of suspicion of the said region.But the place is very interesting and would be a great excursion for lovers of nature

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