I'm (age 60) going to your country next week and have about 2 weeks time. My interest is in history , culture and nature. Could you...

...please suggest a rough itinerary.


Country: South Korea


You can start it from National Museum of History.
Very old city Kyungju (Shin-la Dynasty) would be candidate, and Budda temples in the mountain are heritage of Koryo Dynasty. Palaces in Seoul are very facinating, either.
Very old city Kyungju (Shin-la Dynasty) would be candidate, and Budda temples in the mountain are heritage of Koryo Dynasty. Palaces in Seoul 0f Chosun Dynasty are very facinating, either. 5 thousands years of history inherited a lot.
You can take a couple of days tour in Seoul for palaces and histric places. My recommendation is Kyungbok Palace and Secret Garden. You can then go to Kongju/Buyeo area which was ancient capitals of Baekje Kingdom. Another highlight will be going to Kyungju which was ancient capital of Shilla dynasty. After that you can divide your time to spend in Seoul/Kyunggi area, Kyungsang (Daegu, Busan), Cholla (Kwangju, Mokpo) and Jeju island.
Hope this help.
Within Seoul, check out the palaces, of course. The National Museum in Yongsan, and the National Folk Museum in Samcheongdong are very much worth visiting. While you're in Samcheongdong, walk through the cafe streets and then over to Bukcheon where old style homes are preserved. There is a Bukcheon culture center that can help you plan a walk around there.
If you are going to leave Seoul, I highly recommend going to Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Shilla Dynasty. It is a very fascinating place full of relics, including a number of dolmens, the mound graves of royalty.
A trip to Panmunjeom and the DMZ is also a great idea. Any of the tourist info centers can help you arrange that, and the cost isn't prohibitive.
You might check out .
Consider taking a Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch tour. Check out available tours (they are priced on a non-profit basis) at and click on the "Cultural Tours" box for information.
Gyeongbokgung, the Palace Museum and the Folk Museum are all in the same area. Also, when you're finished there visit Insadong and buy some traditional Korean souvenirs. Changdeokgung Palace is one of the most beautiful places in Seoul. It is a few km east of Gyeongbokgung. The Korean War Memorial/Museum at Samgakji Station is a must for any history lover. From the War Memorial you'll see N Seoul Tower. Go to the top for a 360 degree view of Seoul. The Folk Village south of Seoul is also very popular. The DMZ tour is a must.
I suggest you should travel around east coast for nature. Historyand culture are something you can learn from the books museums and there are lots of places around Seoul but not much to see in seoul when it comes to nature. check out the tourist information centers for the museums and palaces. Like your country Every city has its own places people can visit. You have plenty of days to explore.
Cheju island is number one priority for the tourists and our goverment officially designate the island the first tourist attraction. About one hour's ride will take you
there by plane.
Thanks for your answer. Now I certainly will include Cheju island into my itinerary.
you can take rental car there, price from 30 to 100 usd per day
I would say :
Seoul of course (palaces, performances and sihts of interest)
Seorak national park (Hiking and wonderfull views, outdoor spa, waterfalls)
Andong and Hahue (especialy hahue witch is a traditional village)
Gyeongju (the capital of traditional culture)
Busan (with some boat trip along the coat and the Jagalchi market)
Jeju, (a subtropical island, a piece of paradise where i live).
I work in National park which has temples and forest.
it's quiet and tranquil place.

You can looking around the temple and participate in the interpretation, if you want.
there is some korean restaurants and inns around the park.
How about visit my website.
If you are in Pusan necessarily visit the ancient capital of Korea located in 70 kilometres from Pusan.
In Gyeongju-si you can examine ancient temples, which are 1200 y.o.

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