Is it possible at the moment to make a day trip from Seoul across the border into North Korea?


Country: South Korea


No, you can only go to the border (DMZ).
It is banned through road on the border nowadays due to unintentional gun shot in Kumkang Mountain area.
No, travel is currently banned from the south. You would have to request travel through a NK consulate.
You cannot travel to North Korea, but you can tour the DMZ. The USO tours are the most popular, from what I've heard, and their prices are within your budget. Here's the website:

No way.
Only DMZ tours are available at this stage as far as I know and you don't get to go into the North, only the border, but it's still well worth the trip.
Of course.
You can find a lot of travel agencies specialised in the DMZ.
You can also do the half day trip.
Not possible; however you could try going through the China/N. Korea border side.
day trip is impossible through DMZ but there are 2 other choices.
first you can visit one of the mountatin in NK, from SK or you can visit NKorian Capital through Japan, China or Tiwan.
you can visit border for day trip.

or you can join north korea tour for 1~3 days running by several tour agency famous one is hyundai company.

road or boat are possible but now is closed.

sometimes close sometimes open,depend on north korea

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