Do you think pre-teen childrenwwill enjoy a vacation in Galapagos?

I want to take my family for a vacation in Galapagos Islands, we might go on a cruise and tour the island. We'll probably just sleep and eat on the boat. Is the island or are there cruises that are kid-friendly?


Province: Galapagos Islands

Country: Ecuador


Generally speaking Galapagos Islands could be a great experience for a child. Yes there are boats which accept kids on board and even apply discounts, normally 50% up to twelve years old
Yes, I think they will enjoy Galapagos, it depends more in how interested they are in nature. You have 2 choices, a cruise or staying in a hotel in one of the 3 inhabited islands and taking daily tours. The boats generally accept children under 7 y.o. if you sign a responsability release, there is even a group of yachts that have "family specials", that are dates for families with children, so the cruise is mostly organized for the children enjoyment. If you want more information, don`t doubt to send me a message. Best regards, Maria F.
Absolutely, Galapagos is an amazing place to go on vacation and for kids it is a wonderful experience because they have the chance to see and learn about the unique species you can find there, most of the cruises there accept children from 7 years old and up but in August my 6 year old cousins went with their parents and for them it was the best experience ever, they are always asking their parents to take them back
Well it is true, you will only sleep and eat on the boat. There are a couple of boats and cruises that have small jacuzzis and pools for the kids to enjoy, but Galapagos is pretty much a live zoo all around! Your kid can enjoy tons snorkelling or kayaking on the islands. That is of course asuming he likes water and the beach. If you have any more questions I'll be glad to help!
Of course they will love Galapagos
This is going to depend on how interested your kids are on nature, because Galapagos is mostly that. It is very hot and there are not very many shops or kid oriented attractions, however, animal watching can be a great experience for any age group. Remember this is a National Park and Wildlife reserve. have a safe trip!.
Galapagos is a paradise. To go there, is a unique experience for people of all ages, because you can stay in touch with animals that are unique in the world. its a different place to go because its like to go to an exotic beach full of nature, and then come back to your boat to enjoy the cruise.
Galapagos will be a fantastic experience for pre-teen children. I personally went to Galapagos the first time when I was 10 and fell in love with it. Kids are able to experience most of the activities available such as snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, all the fantastic wildlife and more...
Almost any yacht at the Galapagos is kid-friendly and so are the hotels. I would personally recommend a cruise for the week no bigger than for 40 pax as you will be able to visit more exclusive beaches and attractions.
Let me know your budget, date you are interested, and activities you want to get involved in and I can get you a quote. We specialize in group bookings and families. You can get feedback from past clients as well as from companies we work with.

Feel free to ask me any questions or personal opinions about boats and companies in the Galapagos.

Happy traveling!


Great experience for them if they are willing to walk around. If you feel they will need to be carried, I would not recommend it. You won´t enjoy yourself and neighter will they.
of course, Im a guide, will be wonder of Galapagos
Of course they will, I carry many kids to get vacations there, they love Galapagos Islands, is an amazing experience.
They will love the Island, cruises has daily activities for pre-teens (snorkelling is the best option), they will learn and discover new species that are not printed in science books.
Santa Cruz is the most visited island, if need extra information about the island eail:

Hotel Palmeras is recommended.(Puerto Ayora). If need reservation let me know.

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