Sofia land! Is it open?until which month of the year? entrance fee? what kind of attractions do they have? fun rides like roller...

...coasters for adults?Thanx!


Country: Bulgaria


Sofia land is closed for several years now, sorry - not working at all :-(
Sorry, Sofia Land does not operate any more.
It's close before 2-3 years.
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Sad but typical story! Read about the parks opening and closing on Wikipedia

Attempts to open the park again has failed so far.
Unfortunatelly - it's closed!
Sofia land is not working any more. You can enjoy numerous malls instead! :D
Hi, I can see other people replied before me. My answer is the same. Sofia Land doesn't work for almost 3 years now. I hope this helps....
Sorry Sofia land doesn't work but i cant show you another funny places!!!!
Yes, Sofia land is closed for some time now. What kind of entertainment do you need?
Today I read in the newspaper, that they'll open it again, but at different place some old military airport.
yep, it is closed... sorry...
Sofia land was very interesting atraction, but..... is closed from several years.
I'm verry sorry.
yes, is closed....
Unfortunately it has been closed. As far as I know that some people in the 'shadow economics' tried to acquire the plot due to its favourable position. According to me, Sofialand was not smth which worth visiting at all. Enjoy Vitosha mountain and the beautiful surroundings instead:) Should you need advice, let me know:)
It is free for everyone come and join the fun
Sorry, it is closed more than an year now.
It closed 3 years ago. But there are 2 alternatives - KOKOLAND (KOKOLANDIA) in SOFIA and an AQUAPARK in THESALONIKI.
As you already know from the previous answers, it is closed. But if you describe what sort of amusements you are looking for - except roller coasters, I'll be able to help you find other fun sites in Sofia?
It`s closed, but it wasn`t so attractive either, so don`t be sorry for it. You haven`t missed something special.
Dear traveller,
As you were already informed by many other people here Sofia land was destroyed in October 2006 by some greedy Bulgarians.
They're going to rebuild a new attraction similar to Sofia land in another part of Sofia but it won't start functioning soon.
There are numerous natural attractions in Bulgaria as well as two Aqua parks at the Black sea coast.
Sofia land is closed . Who cares when Bulgaria have so many diferent good places for relax!?
What can i say you about Sofialand is that it is very small. Smaller than disneyland and Prater in Viena. I was there before few years and i`m not impresed.
Sorry's closed!'s closed! But they will open new Sofia land after maybe 1 year!
Just we have to waiting :)

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