City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Each place has their local fishes.
In Tokyo, tourist will go to the Tsukiji fish market to visit the tuna auction and enjoy the sushi at the near by shops.
You mean the Sushi Restaurant? I think there are few options. In Tsukiji and Ginza area there are few restaurants will make live fish sushi.. If you would like to know the restaurant I will give you more options..
Your question is somewhat of an oxymoron, no? 'Best'??? Is there a such a thing as 'best live fish sushi'? I have never even considered it. But if you want to eat a live fish, there are plenty of options. Like the other answers here, I don't really have the name of a specific restaurant, since eating live fish is not really common for most people here at all, but many sushi places in the Tsukiji area that they mentioned, and in fact, many other places all over the city may serve a live/semi-live fish dish. Live shrimp or prawns are more common but you can often find live fish as well.

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