I'm planing to spend 10 days in Chile in December this year. Which places should a visit? Is it better to rent a car o use public...

...transportation (train, buses, etc.)


Country: Chile


Well hello there! First of all you have to take into consideration the lenght of our country, that is why my advice for you is to move around by plane if you really want to see the desert in the North or Torres del Paine in the South or Easter Island in the West (assuming you re entering our country through Santiago, the capital). So what you can do is to take a plane to whichever destination you want and once in the location you choosed, you can either rent a car or take private or regular tours in the area. Buses are ok to save money for some destinations you can easily get to, but for some of the others remote destinations I mention, airplanes are a must.

Hope I helped you, any other help please contact us through email.

I guess you are coming to santiago, otherwise send me a message and ill give more advice about other places...

You can do the wine routes of Chile, they are not that expensive and the experience if pretty good, you learn lots about the culture and the region of the route.

If you are staying in santiago, there are a few neighborhoods you can visit... for food and nice sites you can go to "Barrio Brazil" there are really good prices for food and is a nice location... remembering always not to look much like a turist, meaning that your camera must be in a safe place and all your belongness as well... just for safety... and if you come in a group it´ll be nicer to get better prices and acomodations.

About the transportation, the public transport is getting better but is a bit confusing for foreigners... if you are just coming for a few days and you have the money to rent a car... do it... it will give you the freedom you are looking here and the gas is not that expensive...

hopefully will catch around
Hola, in what city you will be ??
if you are in Santiago the best is the public transportation
if you are coming to santiago, you HAVE to visit viña del mar and valparaiso, but you have to be prepared to walk a lot, if you want to travel fast between cities, it's better for you to take a good map and a car, but eather way you can use the public transportation. In the 68 rout you can visit the Estancia El Cuadro, it's a really good vineyard with a museum and chilean rodeo shows (exhibition only, they don't hurt animals), in santiago you have to visit the Santa Lucia Hill, San Cristobal Hill, Barrio Lastarria, Barrio Brasil, Plaza de Armas, The Dominicos Artisans Town (El Pueblito de los Dominicos), Bicentenario Park in Vitacura, Araucano Park, and if you want to you can take the bike tour around santiago downtown, it's really nice, and they can show you around.
If you want a photographic tour, you send me a message, i'm a photographer, and i make photographic tours for tourists in my free time

take care
and i hope you have a nice visit

if you visit the chilean patagonia i have some more places to recomend you near coyhaique that are amazing, and in valparaiso too


I preffer the south: mountains, thousand year old forests, hot springs... going from santiago, car is the best choice, you can stop whenever you please, take pics, having luch, and so on.
I recommend you VIII and IX "regiones". Alto Bio-Bio, Nahuelbuta, Lonquimay... a wonder. A piece of Eden in Chile, wonderful landscapes, warm people, lots of food.
I think, the best option is public transportation, first, because is nice the landscape that you can see from the bus without the danger to loose the way, second, is safe and you could save money. Now, if you wanted to visit different places faraway one from other, is necessary to take a plane, for example, from Iquique to Santiago, from Santiago to Punta Arenas o from Santiago to Easter Island, Chile has one of the best airlines around the world, Lan, so is not too expensive, very safe and good service, furthermore, in Chile, the gas is too expensive for a car.
Hi there, as many answers I asume you´ve read both options are suitable, here in Santiago, my city, you´ve got the underground system which is very fast, clean and efficient. The buses system is also very useful and the best of all...yes..... it is very cheap. Be aware about the card you´ve got to purchase in order to use our public transportation (bip card). To reach other cities you may rent a car or use trains to the south or coach lines to everywhere. Welcome and have a good time here. ( - - -).

PD: Sorry, about tourism.. well... Santiago has got a lot of splendid museums and interesting places: - a few of them. Visiting Valparaiso and Vina del Mar would be a very good option, you know ..near Santiago, beautiful buildings , beaches, you´ll love it, bye.
Hey there.

Considering you have ten days only, it's all up to what kind of traveler you are. Want to see everything you can in 10 days? or are you slow-paced and just want to see one or two interesting places?

1. Well, everything in 10 days is a hard-to-get goal, but you could catch a plane to Calama and spend 2 days in San Pedro de Atacama (a hip tiny town sorrounded by natural wonders). Go back to Santiago and spend two days in Valparaíso and Viña (definitely a must). From Santiago again you may want to rent a car and drive down south to Puerto Montt. From there, fly to Punta Arenas and visit El Paine Towers, undoubtedly an awesome place to see. Fly back to Santiago and relax in the city before going back home.

2. Just travel around Santiago... Viña and Valparaíso are just a couple of hours away. There are some really nice places around Santiago that some others have mentioned above... or below? xD

You'll enjoy Chile, try to meet locals and you'll surely want to come back.

First of all, you will undoubtedly feel very welcome in Chile. As, it is quite a long country, I will suppose you will be landing in Santiago. If so, I recommend you find a hotel in the area of Providencia-Apoquindo. You will need a sunblock and maybe a sun umbrella, and definitely sunglasses. To get to know the city, you can start by taking a City Tour. Then decide on the places you are the most attracted to, to get to know them better, The variety of places that you can vist in Chile, is so diverse, that it is difficult to recommend anything in particular unless you let us konow your preferences. The city of Santiago has many traditional sites (such as the Club Hipico, which is an exact replica of the Longchamps racetrack in Paris , and many interesting monuments, and the outskirts have beautiful contryside, such as Pirque, To travel along the country I recommend renting a car. Within the city, you may either use the subway - except during peak hours - walk, or take taxis. Anyway, it is always better to be accompanied by someone who is very familiar with the city and the country otherwise, like in any big city in the world, you can end up getting lost...
Many regards:

In response to your question, Chile possesses a wide variety of places that to visit. Everything depends on your interests. The most visited places are:

South of Chile possesses a great Natural beauty.

Zone Center you can visit several vineyards and certainly our beaches.
If you like the practice of sports in Pichilemu you were finding the best waves
Zone North desert zone the most visited places are San Pedro of Atacama.

If you going to be just in Snatiago, there are many places that to visit such as Neighborhood Brasi where there are many restaurants and Bars.

If you want to travel inside Chile in the northern part or South to use plane, if you are going to be in Santiago and zone center can be an alternative to rent a car.

To mobilize yourself in santiago you can use meter(underground) that is sure enough, transport públioc is something confused for the foreigners.
It depends on what your interests are. You can basically choose from climates, landscapes etc More than 4000km to Explore.
For ten days you can consider
Atacama desert, the driest in the world.
In and around Santiago the capital, the wineries, UNESCO heritage in Valparaiso
The Lake District and Chiloe, beautiful National Parks, lakes, cultural German influence.
The Patagonian Fjords, Cape Horn, NP TOrres del Paine, the Straight of Magellan etc.

So again it depends what you are interested in and than make a choice. Distances are long in Chile, public transport is excellent, there are good buses and flight connections are frequent. If you really wnat to explore, a car is very useful and can bring you of the beaten tracks.
Hello and....Greetings from Chile !!
Thanks for your interest in visiting our country I`m sure you are going to love it.
You need to stay at list 3 nights/4 days in Santiago(CapitalCity) and from there visit for the day Viña del Mar and Valparaiso in the coast 100 Kms away and also for the day visit the Andes Mountain range.
Then,depending your preferences,you can opt going to the north:warm whether,beaches,Mountain Valleys(400 Kms) or going to the south (700 Kms)a lot of green forest,volcanoes,waterfalls,springwaters,and more.
Depending your budget you can use bus transportation,plane or rent a car. Also is available a train to the south only up to 400 Mks from Santiago.
If you want more information and details including quotes it will be helpfull for us to know how many people are you.
We can make a Program according to your request but we will need that you provide us the more information .-
*How many people
*Hotel Type
*Do you like Wine Tours?
*Young-Mature-Seniors ?
*Any other that may help

Thanks again And keep in touch
Victor Maza
Las Condes
Hi there, where r u from?

Places you cannot miss in Chile:

- Santiago: Downtown, San Cristobal Hill; Bellavista (near by the hill); you should visit La Moneda (our "White House"); go shopping in Providencia; for all these places you can go simply by public transportation. Ypu can also visit some fine suburbs like Lo Curro, Piedra Roja, Pirque, Cajón del Maipo. In this case i suggest to go by car.

If your planning to spend 10 days here, don´t miss Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Casablanca (specially if you like fine wines), which is 2 hours away from Santiago. You can also go to La Serena or if you are able to take a flight towards the south, the city of Puerto Montt, Chiloé and Frutillar are very nice places to visit specially in December.

If I can give you any additional information, don´t hesistate on contacting me.

If you want to see the diverse landscapes of Chile I would reccomend this:
Reach Santiago and take a plane to Calama, then a transfer to San pedro de Atacama and tour the surroundings-
Day 5 Back to santiago and go to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar and tour around Santiago
Day 6 - You'll have to decide here if you want to visit the Lake & Volcano District or Patagonia and stay there the next 3 days.
Day 9 - back to santiago from Puerto Montt or Punta Arenas and next morning back home.

PD: Start planning your second visit, you have to come again and visit: Carretera Austral, Altiplano, The Wine country, Elqui valley, Chiloe, Tierra del Fuego, Easter Island and much more.
Enjoy and respect our land and its people.
Hola you are very welcome to Chile.... I can suggest you visit in downtown Santa lucia´s Hill, Victorino Lastarria´s Street, our famous fish market. Then going up from west to east you can visit Bellavista neighborough and our nobel prize poet house Pablo Neruda, San Cristobal Hill. then El Bosque Ave area (new finantial area, Providencia area, Los Dominicos village.. then, still been in Santiago you can visit one winery Cousino Macul or Concha y Toro and also you could go for a day to the Maipo Canyon to see the falls at the Casacada de las Animas... you can also go to the mountains and visit our sky areas ... there are much more to visit but just to give you an idea... Hope this information will help you ... have a nice trip to Santiago..

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