any place for a cheap beach house?


Country: Australia


My first question is this: Do you want to rent a cheap beach house, or do you want to buy land to build one?

There are some good places to get relatively cheap beachside accommodation in New South Wales around Arrawarra which is 21 miles north of Coffs Harbour. Along this same stretch of coastline there are also several villages where you can purchase beach houses, or purchase land to build your own. However, as Australia did not go into negative recession, the prices are now rising again, so you will need to start your investigations for possible positions in the next couple of months, especially before December, as everybody wants to go to the beach for Christmas break here in Australia.

There are some good websites to use. Try
thanks for your enquiry :) it depends what qualifies as 'cheap', in your book. also, sydney is blessed with many beaches, so it depends which one, or ones, you'd like to stay at. I presume you're considering a holiday rental. duration might also make a difference to the tariff; that is, longer stays will often yield a better rate. let's assume, for the moment, you're interested in sydney's iconic, world-famous bondi beach. it's popular and, often, crowded; 'though it can be surprisingly people-free on weekdays. 'affordable' properties aren't hard to find there, 'though, given the built-up nature of the area, they'll tend to be apartments, rather than beach houses, as such. are you set on a house? if so, please let me know. also, are you looking for a 'sleepy', laidback locale, or are you happy to be in the thick of things? also, do you require a view of the beach, from the property? or are you happy to be close, without a view?

coming back to bondi, there's a comfortable 2-bedroom apartment within a block or so of the beach. it sleeps up to 4 people and, I understand, is quite well-presented. it's on level one, is fully-furnished and has a full kitchen. cutting to the chase, it's available from as little as $69 per night. right now, however, it's school holidays, so the price might be a little higher. it's in a security building, in a quiet location, close to shops, banks, post office, cafes and transport.

at the other end of the spectrum, I know of an exquisite house, 100 metres from the beach, which comprises a number of rooms and suites. you'll pay around $230 per night, for 2. in fact, it's regarded as the best-kept secret in bondi, set amidst fragrant frangipani trees. it features a huge, sun-drenched deck. all-in-all, it's the epitome of luxury beachside accommodation, adjacent to australia's most cosmopolitan beach. bondi is sydney's copacabana.

please let me know if I can be of further assistance. I sincerely hope I've been helpful.
thanks for the response.
i am seeking somewhere ..waay off the beaten track..
that has deserted beaches that you could live on for days and only see new people once i a while.

i am not sure what part of australia is known for this..

could be like a surfers haven from way back etc..
or where hippies used to go...

any clues?
If you are looking for short term rent, check
Nice place about 3 hours drive north of Sydney is Port Stephens in the villages around Nelsons Bay.
Just a cool "lost" beach area that is remote..
where is known for this..?
Hi . . thanks for the question . . we have a few of those types of beaches ad it really depends on which part and where you wat to go - you don't want it to be THAT remote that you can't easily get new food supplies or fresh water even or most importantly HELP should the need arise . . . I would probably suggest that you come and have a look yourself and then check them out and decide for yourself the best course of action and destination you want as well as for how long you are wanting to stay there for - by all means . . If I can be of some assistance - please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience - best wishes and regards


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