@ToshioK So is Disney in #Tokyo really worth a visit with young children? #travel


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Well it all depends on how big a fan of Disney you are. If you have never been to the ones in Cal and Fla then it might be worth a trip. However, there is not much different about the Tokyo Disneyland. If you have the time you could check out Disney Sea which is located next door. It's more for older kids or adults. Themes are slightly more mature.
To be honest, It really is not. It is incredibly overpriced and not too different from others. There are many, many better things to do with your children in Tokyo. If you still want to take them to an amusement park, I would recommend joyopolis and pallet town in Odaiba. It is much closer, and really a better value and experience.

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@minitraveler: Yes, Tokyo Disney is very much like Disney in California. I went to Disney Sea and it has many rides/shows for kids
I have two Children and we go every year about 5 times and it is always different and fun.
Stay in one of the hotels close by and enjoy the experience. No where close to the American Disneyland I went to florida and still I think Japan Disneyland is the best.
Enjoy go and have fun not to be missed
Tokyo Disneyland is definitely much like the other Disney resorts in California and Florida. There are differences, of course, including some of the food, especially. That being said, for many kids around the world - including kids at heart - a trip to Disneyland is special no matter how many times they've been there before. It is much more than an amusement park, with many of the attractions - like the parades - as gratifying as the rides. Even without the Matterhorn, one of the huge attractions in California, Tokyo Disneyland has its share of classic rides, including Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear, and Monsters Inc.
The adjacent Disney Sea is certainly more attractive to adults and older kids. But it is enjoyable for kids, too. There is a "peace of mind" that can be found there that is difficult to find in the main park. It is similar to California Adventure in the original Disney park in Anaheim in that the park is generally a bit more open, tranquil, and with many more shows and non-ride activities.
The two parks are connected in Tokyo by a monorail, just as in Anaheim, and there is a huge adjacent shopping mall, Ikespiari, complete with movie theater and a huge facility for Cirque de Soleil.
While Disneyland itself is much like the other parks, the entire "experience" is unique. For a big fan of the Disney experience, it is one that can't be missed. For the casual fan, it is still very gratifying. For someone that dislikes crowds, is familiar with the other Disney resorts, is concerned about their travel budget, and is not so much of a Disney maniac, it is probably better to stay away.
I don't know how to tell you, since I don't know where you are coming from though. Tokyo Disney Land is not doing well at this moment since the disastor hit. It is open and many people are visiting but it's pretty expensive. If you come to Tokyo for short while and depend on what you are shooting for with your younger children also how long you will stay and so on. If you are staying long enough time it would be fun but there are a few different places such as Toshima-en , Koraku-en type of Japanese style play ground exists. So depend what you woule like to have,,, Also many places are pretty children friendly
Tokyo Disney Land is quite expensive but still less than if you were to travel to the original Disneyland in California (or Florida Disney World). You can get discount tickets at Disney Stores and at times they have promotions that will save you money. They recently re-opened after recovering from the Kanto Earthquake. No liquor is served at Disneyland but some alcoholic beverages are served at the adjoining Disney Sea. Disneyland is more or less modeled after Disneyland as close as possible whereas Disney Sea is based on a sea theme with characters from sea based cartoons taking the spotlight. There are free shows and parades at both and fireworks at night. Prepare to spend at least 20,000 to 40,000 yen for a family of 4, depending on what entry ticket your purchase, how many paid rides you do, the restaurants you eat at, and the souvenirs that you purchase (the most dangerous temptation). There is no doubt that children under 15 will definitely enjoy Disneyland or Disney Sea and teens often go to Disneyland as a date spot. However, the main drawback of either is that it will flatten your wallet. If you are from out of the area, there are several hotels in the area for accommodations including the one on the grounds of Disneyland ($$$). Advance tickets can be purchased online and the website is available in Japanese and English at
The answer from me is..... YES! Definitely, yes. Both Disneyland and Disney Sea are great. Far better than the ones in the US and Europe. Why? Because the Japanese LOVE Disney and embrace the whole experience with such enthusiasm, that it is contagious. The attractions are basically the same as the other parks, the space is similar, etc. But the people make Tokyo Disneyland a completely different experience. I live in Tokyo and I still try to make a trip to Disneyland or Disney Sea once a year or so... without kids!

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