greetings! we are planning to visit Karuizawa in early Dec to experience some snow. Any recommendations of where to stay there?...

...Families with little kids. Thanx!


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


just in case you have the time to come to Osaka and may be looking for a place to stay I send you my link with information offering accommodation at my home:

Thanks for reading and good luck
Karuizawa will be nice for family who wish experience snow.
Depends on your budget, Karuizawa Price snow resort might be your best choice. Hotel, lift, ski set rental and off course the ski trail.

Here is the hotel url

Enjoy your stay.
Dear Guest,

I had part time job that was piste may (ski patrol) in Karuizawa ski area, when I was Univ. student's days.

There have beautiful ski resort.
I recommend you where to stay that Prince grand resort hotel's cottage during forest.

This hotel company has several stay planning which includes fullborad accommodation, stay, ski lift fee and hotel-cottage send in & out. It called Ski pack. Cost is almost 17000 yen each person.

Anyway, absolutely you and your family enjoy this ski resort!!!

If you need more assistance, please let me know.

Karuizawa is nice...but I prefer Hakuba (1998 Winter Olympics) which is a little further away from Karuizawa. (by bus from Nagano station is 1500yen) or by car it's about another hours drive...

If you want a place where you can feel at home... cook your own food, (there is a large Mitsubishi 4WD supplied for getting about) I recommend this place here. Great for a family with kids... heated floors all through out. 700m away from Hakuba 47 ski resort. 5 minutes drive to large supermarkets like Jusco and 7 or 8 other resorts all within 10 to 30 minutes drive away to suit all levels.

If you are set on Karuizawa then please ignore this post.
Hello, for Karuizawa please tale a look also here, you may obtain answers in english. Then if you would like to see also something very traditional consider to go also Shiragawago that is a unique heritage place of Japan. Regards.
If your family is happy with "onsen", Hoshino Ryokan seems very popular place to stay among my foreign friends in Tokyo.
it looks really beautiful but i think a bit out of our budget and we are travelling with little kids!

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