How are Montego Bay's waters for swimming

Have heard the beaches are rocky and there are problems with sting rays.


Country: Jamaica


Not all the beaches in Montego Bay are rocky. There are some nice swimming areas along the hip strip. Such as the Doctor's Cave beach or Aquasol beach.
There are very nice beaches in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Sunset beach and Doctor's Cave beach are a couple. Would you like to meet up when you get here i will take you to some of the best beaches in Montego Bay and close-by, along with other interesting places. you can find me on facebook at this address --------

Mobay has really nice beaches, white sand, no rocks, maybe some marine life if you venture out a little. but no need for alarm, it's really safe swimming and the fishes are friendly too.
I understand your concern, yes in Montego Bay we have beaches that are rocky and full with sting rays but i strongly recommend the Doctors Cave Beach.
Doctor's Cave Beach (Montego Bay): This 8km (5-mile) stretch of white sand made "Mo Bay" a tourist destination. Waters are placid and crystal clear, and there are changing rooms and a beach bar. This one is a family favorite. If your looking to book a resort but unsure about the beaches drop me a message i will be happy to find out about that resorts beach for you

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