#travel I'm thinking of going to #Africa next year, any recommendations?


Country: Kenya


well Africa is vast continent and it all depends on where you want to concern is always safety and security.your interests,preference and budget.there is alot to see and experience in Africa,just click away and you are at the most magnificent sights in Africas wilderness.for any assistance you are most welcome.
hi!you are just on the right track and thus do not turn back from visiting this blessed continent with all that you have been longing to see in your life.
come and learn the different culture groups that we have here,the vast category of wild animals,the beautiful scenery,the atmosphere,the weather,the people themselves,the terrain,the landscape and all that you long to see on your own.Just pay a visit and you will not regret on what you will have done.
Feel greatly and warmly welcome.
Hello Sir /Madame..Africa as a continent has a lot to offer due to its uniqueness and diversity of its landscapes, vegetations , peoples and flora and fauna.You can either choose to go to North Africa and sample the Sahara , or the ancients towns of the North or just live amongst the bedouins .Or you can visit the pyramids and the old temples of the Pharaohs.
You can also choose to visit east Africa ,the paradise of the wild animals and also of known tribes like the Maasais , Samburus etc.East comprises of countries known for their beautifull landscapes and abundance of wild animals like lions , elephants etc etc,these countries are Kenya , Tanzania and Uganda.Eventhough in terms of infrastructure and political stability , Kenya has attracted the most of people wishing to discover East Africa.
You can also lastly choose to visit the southern part of Africa where the West and africa mingles.All these are beautifull regions for discovery.For more information about what Kenya has to offer, dont hesitate to contact me through :

Africa is a vast continent. but i would suggest that you visit Kenya.
Kenya offers a world of attractions and opportunities for the discerning visitor.
Visitors can expect to find stunning landscapes, a diversity of culture and myths,
Sandy beaches, a range of adventure sport activities, opportunities for bird watching and Above all, the chance to observe rare wildlife. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on or visit our website
Traveling will also depends on the time of the year one would like to travel, because there are various seasons and the costing vary per season.
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email to for more info,

thanks thats great
welcome to africa where u will feel the true nature.
i recomend you come to kenya,while in nairobi you can stay at nice place like methodist guest house, nairobi serena hotel or even at intercontinental hotel,while in nairobi you can visit nairobi museum ,nairobi national park, giraffe center or take a picknick at ngong hills,
you can also visit the coastal town of mombasa and in mombasa you can go to vasco da gama,fort jesus and also the marine park, man made park haller park, you can also go down to malindi for deep sea fishing and diving and many more to see and experince at the coast,the hotels are many but whitesands , leopard beach, voyager are among the many best.
u can also visit samburu national park and see the big five,amboseli also for big five and not forgetting the magic wonder of maasai mara,there u can lern abit of the maasai culture,go for nature walk,have bush dinner, ballon in the early morning and the mara escarpment and lastly the wilderbeast migration and many more,there are so many camps for lodge like olonana, musiara, mpata safari club,maasai mara serena,sarova mara,intrapids camp and many more.
generally there is alot to be done and see kenya
once again KARIBU KENYA
Africa is a large and very interesting continent. Rich in Culture, beautiful sights and very warm hearted people. In Kenya you will be able to experience different cultural and natural resources. You have a variety of choices of places to visit, from Mt. Kenya to Mombasa the coastal town not forgetting the Famous Maasai Mara set in the savanna.
If you are interested in visiting Kenya, I can give you more info. We have nice sceneries, wildlife, jungle, white sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean. You'll for sure enjoy your stay in KENYA.
From the vivid aquamarine shades of the Indian Ocean to the enchanting lakes fringed pink by flamingos on the Rift Valley floor, Kenya is a startlingly beautiful land.

Famed for its striking wildlife bounding across the acacia-studded savannah of game parks, such as Amboseli, the Masai Mara, Samburu and Tsavo, Kenya is a safari-fanatic's dream; vast national parks and reserves encompass one-tenth of Kenya's surface, spanning desert, grasslands and dense mountain forest.

Kenya's human population is equally as fascinating: around 40 different ethnic groups live in Kenya, including the Kikuyu, the Luo and the proud and beautiful red-clad Masai, who still lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle of cattle-herding along the southern border.

On the balmy Swahili coast, African and Asian culture blends together, the result of a tradition of ocean-going commerce which stretches back for centuries. Even today, romantic dhows (sailing boats) still ply these waters.
My recommendation would be KENYA.I am from Kenya and I Love her because of her diversified resources.She has two main airports NBO AND MBA,NBO which is Jommo Kenyatta I International Airport being the main airport located in the capital city Nairobi.She also consists of many airstrips in different locations in the country which makes transportation easier and convenient.
Kenya recieves many visitors who visit for many reasons like leisure , business. Many of them are leisure travellers wo enjoy the Kenyan attractions.They range from wildlife, culture, eco-tourism, physical features, historical monuments to religious visits.
In wildlife you enjoy watching the big five and many other animals and birds.In culture you will happen to learn different cultures from the different 42 Kenyan communities.In physical features there ranges a number of them starting with Mt Kenya the highest mountain in Kenya(5199m above sea level).The last but not the least many visitors are attracted by the Kenyan coastline because it is warm and adventorous.
To proove that Kenya is the place to visit we had been visited by the famous Prince William and his wife now Princess Cate.did you know that he actually did his proposal to her in Kenya and to be specific Mt Kenya?visit us and you will never regret.
Kenya Safari Recommendations and Best Time to Go
Best time to go on Safari in Kenya

The most amazing thing about Kenya is that no matter what time of the year you visit, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience. Depending on your interests and sense of adventure, Kenya has a lot to offer all year round ranging from its world famous wildlife parks, tranquil lakes, different cultures , sandy white beaches , thousands of plants and bird species, mountains and even the hype night life of its cities.

“ If you are looking for more specific information about when to visit Kenya or you need assistance in organizing a Safari to Kenya, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. ~ enhols”
Weather in Kenya

Weather is a major factor in deciding when to travel. However, unlike places like Europe where there are four clear cut seasons, weather in Kenya is not uniform and changes from region to region depending on geographical features. As such, it is important to visit when you can maximize your experience by taking in as much of the country and its beauty as you can. Regardless of the season however, Kenya is always ready with something new and exciting.
January- February

January and February are relatively hot months, and the ideal time to explore Kenya’s beautiful sand beaches at the Coast . Spoil yourself with a tan, cool evening walks in the evenings or early mornings, a good swim or take part in assorted water sports.
March- May

The rainy season, usually ranging from March – May offers something different. It is the off peak season and the best time to visit Kenya for those who prefer a little less crowding. It is also the calving and nesting season; pasture is abundant so animal concentrations are at their highest. The rainy season would also be a good time to tour the famous Lake Nakuru National Park , carpeted by thousands of lesser flamingoes that call it home.
June - October

Nevertheless, the dry season starting from June - October is arguably best time to visit Kenya. Topping the list of attractions during this period is the most amazing spectacle on earth, now fondly known as the 8th wonder of the world- the wildebeest migration. Other than the wildebeest migration, it is also a good time to visit other national parks to see a greater variety of animals. Dusk and Dawn game viewing is especially popular- watch the animals from real close as they come to the watering holes while looking at Kenya’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
September – October

This is the ideal time for climbers and hikers to give a try at climbing Kenya’s highest mountain and the second highest in Africa, Mt. Kenya.
November- December

This is a season for short rains with temperatures being relatively cool. You can do any number of activities during this season, Go on a wildlife safari, mountain climbing or view flora and fauna among many other things.

For cultural enthusiasts, anytime of the year is good for a cultural safari . Experience Kenya’s diverse culture such as that of the Maasai , ancient Swahili cities built by the Portuguese hundreds of years ago and a good chance to sample some of those traditional mouthwatering dishes.

Kenya is a year round destination for both exceptional game viewing and spectacular scenery. Without a doubt the greatest annual attraction is the annual wildebeest migration between the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. This spectacular wildlife event takes place between June and September.
• High season is from January to March when it is most comfortable for travelling during these warm and dry months. The wildlife is generally found around the seasonal water holes during these months, so game viewing is great. The Rift Valley Lakes offer great bird viewing during this time.
• The rainy seasons are from April to June and October to December. A positive point during these times is that the lower numbers of tourists, so the travelling experience is more exclusive and the rains do not hinder game viewing.

Kenya, the land where safari was born, also known as the cradle of mankind, is a land of unashamed splendor and great contrast. From the highlands of central Kenya to the great Rift valley and its resident lakes across to the second largest lake in the world; Lake Victoria further south to the elephants of Amboseli and a spectacular view of Africa’s highest point Mount Kilimanjaro and down to the cost where the shimmering white sands of the beaches of the Indian Ocean and ancient culture of millennia passed is still alluring to the traveler to this day.

Kenya safaris are designed to help a vacationer traverse the amazing landscape with the least hustle possible. On a safari you get to visit the savannahs of Kenya including the seventh wonder of the world “The great wildebeest migration” in the Masai Mara, Kenya’s’ best known game reserve and arguably the best game reserve in the whole world. You get to see a plethora of wildlife including the “big five” elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo. For birding enthusiasts, there are over 1400 species recorded here.

Kenya safaris offer a wonderful holiday for those wildlife lovers, they can be done to suit most budgets and offer a fascinating insight in to Kenya and its spectacular wildlife.

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