@Localyte perfect question for our locals! RT @rtwdave: Can anyone recommend a good adventure destination in Mexico?


Country: Mexico


Well, maybe you could visit Guanajuato .-))
Depending on the type of adventure you seek, there are many places in Mexico, in Queretaro you can do canyoning, caving, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, and to visit various places of cultural significance. Visit online
There are so many adventure vacations that it's hard to choose just one - but I will: The mountain lake resort town of Valle de Bravo, located 2 hours west of Mexico City. Swimming, boating, jetski, parasailing on the lake plus hiking in the surround mountains. Here's a link to a story I just wrote: . I hope that is helpful. Buen Viaje!
Mexico is a vastly large diverse country. There are so many things to do. So, I must agree with all the other posts as it can be a hard choice.

I will speak of my area as this is where I call home. The Yucatan Peninsula has many adventure activities. Due to the lush jungles and prestine Carribean sea we have a plethera of adventures. One can go trecking, mountain biking, zip lining, scuba diving, kite boarding, snorkeling, wind surfing, jet skiing, water skiiing, sky diving, parasailing, speed boating, swim with the whale sharks, dive with bulls sharks, sailing, deep sea fishing, lionfish hunting (santioned sinced this is a foreign speciaes with out a natural predetor in the area), cliff diving, horseback riding....Just to name a few. Check our services
There are many options to enjoy adventures all over Mexico, but my favourite is Cancun, you can enjoy many different adventures such as snorkeling with whale sharks, snorkeling with sailfish, diving in reef, cenotes, caves, bicycling, zi line, rappeling, hiking and much more. Our company runs some very nice options. More information can be seen in
Kenneth Johnson
Hello. Few years ago I discovered this amazing place. It is cheap, beautiful Nature, contrasting landscapes and alternative sports available. Its name is Tolantongo, Hidalgo State.
check our Durango Mexico great place
Veracruz state in the south has many adventure places to go such as jalcomulco where you can do rafting
Mexico has a coast on both the west coast and the east coast. Cancun has so much history nearby. Cancun is more like Miami, but maybe 45 minites south we went to Xcaret. It is before you get to Tulume. The park is beauty, natural and it is the perfect place to snorkle, learn about the Indians that lived there many years ago. The guides showed us how they dyed the wool and lived back then.
The butterfly house was large with a place for the butterflys to reproduce, eat and be happy.At the top of this building is a stained glass of butterflys. This park is a place that you will spend the entire day, and in one place you can do so many things. They have a collection of Parrots that you can stand next to and they will take your photo. Many different restaurants and with the jungle as the scenery this is the Yucatun Pennesula at its finest.

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