$3,000sing per month - will I be able to live in Singapore with that amount of money?

I got offered ajob as an IT personnel with a job of $3000 sing a month. Is that amount enough for me to live in Singapore? I'm single, but I will be renting a place. Is that salary a fair one for people in my industry?


Country: Singapore


Hi there,
Great! Welcome then. with that amount its more than sufficient. As long you are prudent and do what do locals do-eat, shop and entertain at a local recommended venues. Rent a unit from nearby local HDB housing...get yourself a room is more then sufficient. Fees ranging from $300-$700 per room.
Yes it will be enough. Since you will be renting a place i suggest that you find a place in "HDB flats" cos thats the cheapest and look through this website, it will help you find the right housemate and place to stay.
Hi There,

You actually got a job?! Lucky you! In the current economic scenario, it is difficult to retain your job, let alone get one at $3000!
To answer your question, this is what I forsee your MONTHLY expenses to be (Assuming you are coming on EP, are Single and will take a Master Bed in one of the HDBs)

Tax = $60
Rental = $700
PUB = $75
Cable/Internet = $65
HandPhone = $50
Travel Expenses on EzLink Card = $120
Daily Paid Newspaper = $25

All the above adds to around $1.1K, and you still have $1.9K left over.
For eating out, if we assume $6 per meal, you'd still only be spending $550 per month on eating. That leaves you with $1350 to spend on clothes, shopping, eating at expensive places, making overseas calls, remittance, saving, night outs, buying furniture, gadgets etc etc etc.
So in summary - For a Single person, S$3000 is more than enough. Just be prudent and save at least $500 every month without fail. Believe me, it will help later.
Best of Luck...
ya can juz rent a room dun have to get a whole unit. w dat kinda pay should be able to survive.
It should be more than sufficient for u to survive in Singapore unless u are not a spendthirft person...U can even saved more than half your salary in the bank...
Y not? U definitely can do so wif S$3K p/mth.
Besides,u're lucky 2 get dis salary range in recession times. Unless u're always eating at classy restaurants,splurging on branded gds,etc. Staying in an HDB rm is gd enuff. Count yrself Lucky.
Welcome 2 Singapore. Think u'll like it here. Gd Luck. :0)
That amount is reasonable for an IT position... Your rent will probably take 1/3 of your wage depends on what you can find.. Apart from that living in Sg is reasonably cheap, just don't go out drinking too much as alcohol is extremely expensive compared to most countries.
All above is enough said.
You can definitely live in Singapore with that amount of money - decent and adequate. It's better to rent a room because it is definitely cheaper. Either that or get a studio apartment for yourself. The town areas and those around the train stations where convenience exists are definitely more expensive. Depends on the areas you stay in. But if you don't want to spend on travel, a place close to your work building would be reasonable.

Don't be afraid to negotiate! But one thing you have to know is that electricity cost has risen 20% just last year.

Transportation wise via MRT trains are S$1.60/ride (standard adult fare) and it is made easier with tap-in cards. Taxis are expensive, so we try to avoid taking them unless in a rush. Buses are at S$1.10/ride (standard adult fare).

Local food would cost you approximately S$2.50. Price of drinks varies but usually we would have local tea or coffee from coffee shops which costs less than a dollar. It takes time to get to know the cheapest of food after going to a few food centers.

If you're much into entertainment, sure. Movies are approximately S$7 for a ticket depending on the day and to which cinema you're going to. You can look through the travel websites of Singapore to view prices.

Whereas for drinks such as beers, we do have them expensive.

Good luck in arriving here and living here! :P
well,i think its pretty fine for 3000 a month as a IT personnel.the rooms in HDB flats are around 260 to 500 the most in a month.and traveling in public transport daily will probably cost you 230 per month for like 2 to 3 rides.and the rest you will have to consider yourself.
Yes, you will definitely be able to survive and even take one or two holidays to other Asian destinations while you are based here
Can't answer whether your salary is a fair one since IT Personnel is a very general term. It depends on what position you are in. But since you have been offered a job, I am assuming that you will receive additional benefits or other perks that usually come with being "invited" over to work in another country.

Yes, definitely. There are families here who survive on the breadwinner's pay of 3k a month.

Will there be a required CPF cut or any other cuts, or is the 3000 exactly what you will be taking home monthly?

As long as you are prudent in your spending, you would even be able to take trips to neighbouring countries as what Penny has mentioned.

Everyone's expenditure is different - you might spend more on say meals but I spend more on transport - so just a general guideline here:

1) Take the public transport. Assuming you make 4 bus/mrt trips a day daily at $1.60 each - about $200/month.
2) Rent - depending on your location and housing type - anywhere from $200 for a HDB room without A/C or the internet and not including utilities to $800+ for a condo master-room with A/C, net and utilities included. Of course, don't forget about the one-time deposit you may have to put down. Most owners ask for 1 + 1 or 2 + 1 (1 month's rent worth of deposit plus the first month's rent).
3) Mobile and internet subscription. If your rented room does not include the net (but honestly, most do now and the cost is calculated into the rent), then subscription would be about $50 - $70 for a modest speed, plus another $60 for your mobile phone (you can sign up for a typical $30 plan which has free incoming calls but I am allowing another $30 for calls you may make as well as the occasional overseas calls). Try to use Skype or Rebtel ) for your calls to your home country.

So your fixed monthly expenditure (after the initial month of settling down, buying necessities, etc) would be about $600 MINIMUM and $1100 if you choose to pay more.

Going by $1100, if you set aside $600 for meals (at $6 per meal 3 times a day), $500 for savings (VERY, VERY IMPORTANT) and you will still have $800 to squander away (lol!). But in reality, if you eat home for breakfast you will save alot more, plus, during a work day you'd probably not have the time or mood for a fancy lunch so your main luxury would be dinner and a beer at night. :)
more than enough... depends on what kind of lifestyle u are going for... eat in food court... rental HDB flats / cheaper condo.... travel by MRT / Bus... use lesser of taxi...
What is enough? All depends on your needs and wants. Nothing is ever enough.
Monthly salary of $3000 is a decent pay in S'pore. No doubts you can survive. Generally, the fairness depends on your years of experience, qualification etc. I believe if you're a fresh grad this amount is defnitely good. Happy hunting.
The amount is enough for a single one.
U can enjoy all activities to enjoy ur time in Singapore.
Enjoy ur great single life!

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