7 adults from Bulgaria on 22 May in the morning - sightseening tour


City: Ohrid

Municipality: Ohrid

Country: Macedonia


If you want a resturant in the center you can use services of Belvedere resturant. Its location is in center of Ohrid near to Center of culture Gligor Prlicev, and if you want to be litle away of the center you can use services of Hotel Klimetica and their resturant. There are also many other resturants offering traditional food but I thik those would satisfied your needs talking for the food with the wreal price for you. If you need some exta information I am here to halp you in any time.
ok just write to me what time You are in Skopje , or if You like I will wait for you at the Macedonian - Bulgarian border .
Send your request if you want me to organize sightseeing and excursion to some localities across the country. Tell about your wishes and opportunities and I can organize all...

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