where we can eat traditional food in Ohrid and pay as we locals. We are from Bulgaria and our wage is not western


City: Ohrid

Municipality: Ohrid

Country: Macedonia


Dalga,Antiko,Cun,Belvedere is restourant in Ohrid where you can it traditional food
Almost all restaurants in Ohrid serve traditional food. Prices are given in the menus. You will pay what everyone pays, local or westerner. Ohrid is expensive for Macedonian standards as well, but we can't do much about that either.
Nobody will make you pay more than the menu price. However this can happen in the local grocery shops where the price is not being posted. Restaurants are having the same price for everyone.
My recommendation will be PAPU, close to the open market, on the main street just by the traffic light.
5 people can eat complete menu with wine and beers for no more than 40 euro total. The food is fresh as they have their own meat shop.
You can eat traditional food in every restaurant in Ohrid. Don't worry prices are the same for domestic and strangers. My advice is ask for menu to see the prices and you can make calculation about your costs. Nice trip and enjoy in Ohrid and Macedonia.
You can eat traditional food in dalga the best restaurant in ohrid located in the heart of the city near the lake, restaurant with best ambient, food, service and views on the lake. Here i provide a link of the restaurant and some pictures . You will pay as you are locals but that is not cheap if you want real traditional food go in dalga and pay expensive price, for expensive i mean expensive for macedonian standard that mean 2000 denars for a complete meal witth drinks and desert per person...
yes you can eat traditional food in Ohrid and pay like local.....but Struga is the better town for traditional food and more cheaper than Ohrid...

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