Can you recommend a good french-speaker tour organizer for northern thailand?

My family is coming soon to Thailand, and they would like to take a 4-day organized tour to northern thailand (from bangkok). They speak little english, so a fluent french-speaker guide is a must.


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I hope you may find this link ok, just beware they cater for everyone? ok,
and also Charlie at
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J'habite a Chiangmai et je suis guide au nord de la thailande (Chiangmai, chiangrai ...etc) Si vous voulez guide francophone, contactez moi sur mon mail svp ().
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Please contact me directly to inform your own e mail,I can find out good quality french speaker tour organizer for you and family for sure.After know and contact you already I will let both of you and tour organizer due directly,my e mail is me as soon as possible,I have details and questions to talk to you first.
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We are a local Thailand Travel agents arrange tour for different languages. Could you please send your email to me or write me a simple email

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If you select a company or an individual for the services you need, please watch out that they have a license (issued by TAT=Tourism Authority of Thailand), otherwise you act illegally!
Make sure that the person /agent has a TAT licence !!!! There are to many cheaters that just want to take your money. You can also look on
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Bien, en tant que Suisse bilingue, avec plus de 35 ans d'experience ici en Thailande, je pourrais faire ce tour
facilement. Neansmoins je te conseille de contacter Bharistha, qui vit dans le Nord. 2do, Thailande est de la taille de la France avec plus de "temples" phenomenals que
la France a de "chateaux"; alors il faut bien preparer et
choisir son itineraire/et lieux a visiter. 4 jours c'est court. 3me, il faudra reviser ton budget de $ 100, avec aussi peu, ta famille n'ira pas loin !!!!!!
Merci Hugo,
Oui 4 jours c'est court. Le mieux ca sera de rester sur Chiang Mai et de visiter les alentours. Pour ce qui est du budget, ca depend vraiment des activites mais je voulais ne pas choisir une option pour l instant, ce qui n'est pas possible sur le formulaire de localyte.
Watch out that the company have TAT-license, otherwise it's ilegale and can get into problems.
Good luck.
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I will be able to organize a tour as requested, also with a french speaking guide, maybe not 100% fluent as you want though. But with a budget as mentioned i will not be able to arrange this, sorry
I'm sorry, but i don't speak France language cannot help you, I speak italian language, i am italian and a little english.
Can help you as my friend is French, where in the north would you visit & what is it you would like to do ? for more info
i knowone man he from europe now staying thailand and he like to travel, he can speak french very well. also can understand you very good becoz u r the same culture. and get cheapper paid. so if you really interesting ,just contact me.
We are able to help you.
Please contact us through our website.

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En Chiangmai vous pouves visiter le Consulat Francais, qui peut vous aider

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