I have an Israeli passport (only). Can I fly with Qatar airlines & transit at Qatar airport on the way to Bangkok (about 12 hours...



Country: Israel


I'm sorry that I cannot give you a specific answer. I have not had any experience with Qatar Airlines, and I am not certain that they fly to Israel. I found their website, and here is the link for Visa & Passport information: My best suggestion would be to call and ask them; and definitely check with the Israeli Passport/Visa Authority. As Israeli citizens, they would be able to tell you where we are able to fly and land (even if for only a layover). Keep in mind that layovers in foreign countries very often require that the traveler "clears customs"; meaning that even though the traveler is not entering the country except for the airport, they are given a travel stamp on the passport in the same manner as if it was their final travel destination.

I hope this has been helpful. Best of luck with your travel plans.
Thank you so much, I will look into it :)
Hello... I think if you never leave the airport during transit it is simply not an issue. A travel agent should be able to tell you for sure.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs site states that Qatar and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1996 (although the Israeli trade office in Doha recently closed, in Feb 2009). So, it does not sound as though an Israeli passport (or visa, or stamp) would prevent you from actually entering Qatar (i.e., from leaving the airport even, if you wanted to go exploring during your layover). The countries where this IS a problem are: Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, UAE and Yemen (they are listed here: )

This same site is a good resource for such questions generally: . It will take you, via links, to the relevant official government web-sites.
Thanks, very helpful :)
It is better to check with the Israeli ambassy in your country about that. They will give you the best answer.

enjoy your trip.

When Your travel agent OKed the flight there should be no problem if they don't change the flight to transit in a non- friendly airport. Check if you need a visa if you wish to leave the airport.
Yeah, why not. You can fly through Qatar Airways for your transit through Doha for your onward journey to Bangkok.

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