going to play the Nulabour links. should I play east to west or west to east? any advice welcome


Country: Australia


Well Holes Nos. 1 and 2 are not like the other holes on the links, which consist of little more than synthetic tees and greens, separated by untamed outback, where grass survives about as well as case of cold swan lager in an episode of Kalgoolie Cops. The fairways are the color of your five o'clock shadow, and the blackened greens are made from the ashes of the previous bushfire that you have to rake smooth before you even think of putting. Always remain alert and beware about snakes, and God willing, 20 minutes later, you've bogeyed a pair of par-4s, and your once-gleaming wedge looks like a shovel..

Now you'll be journeying between holes taking the Eyre Highway, where, if you decide not to use an air conditioned SUV and choose a robust mount you can expect three of out of four of your horses to die of dehydration, and at least one of your team of 4 to be murdered by the your aboriginal guides and caddies.

Next is the town of Penong, you card a double-bogey on a miniscule par-4, then ride another 50 miles to Nundroo, a place often confused with fly poop on the map but on this course you play a long, dogleg par-5 and fight off the largest colony of hairy-nosed wombats in the world.

Now, as you can imagine, should you finish playing the worlds longest golf course, you have achieved quite a feat, but not quite the feat of actually "living to tell the tale!" Good bloody luck mate - Croc. Dundee.
Thanks Stew that's reassured me no end!
However as they say someone's got to do it.
Hope we make it to the end of the course or we will die trying-hopefully not literally.
Our courses here in Scotland sound quite tame.
I hope you know I was joking and that the comments were more from a funny article I read about the idea of this longest Golf Course than from me. But, it is going to be an adventure for you - one you will enjoy. You can start at either end and you actually journey the 18 hole course for 1365km. The Nullarbor Links course actually spans two time zones!

The Nullabor Links course has one hole in each participating town or roadhouse, as you make your way along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia or you can do it the other way around, the option is yours.

Each hole includes a green and tee and somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway.

Hire Clubs are available at each stamping point and cost only $5. So that may save you luggage space, and your own clubs for interesting wear and tear. However,
a Bond will be required which is refunded at the end of the game - where ever you are?.

Present your completed score card at either Ceduna or Kalgoorlie and be presented with a certificate “You have played the World’s Longest Golf course.” The certificate is free. You must have your score card stamped at all the holes. Playing a round takes about 4 days, depending how quickly you wish to play.

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Oh, and Hackers are welcome!
Those details about club hire are very helpful
Thought I might find a set in one of the local
Charity shops and deposit in same at the
other end. Got plenty of time so intend to doodle
And do side trips as I find them.
Thanks again for the info.

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