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Hi there - Alexandria is just over 200 kilometres from Cairo but people often make this a day trip. There are several ways to go.

The train service is good, cheap and reliable and trains run around every 45 minutes in the mornings. The trip takes between 2 and a half and three hours. Once you are at the Giza station you would need to get off and then take a cab or a microbus to the pyramids. Times and fares are at - Alexandria

Several bus companies offer a bus service into Alexandria at a very low price range: 20-35 LE. Buses are air conditioned and come complete with a hostess trolley service. Companies include Golden Arrow, West Delta, Super Jet, Pullman and El Gouna. Operating times vary from one company to another, but there are trips between Cairo and Alexandria virtually every hour from early morning till midnight.
Note that while the buses themselves are perfectly comfortable, the duration of your journey from Cairo to Alexandria (and vice versa) will depend on your pick-up/drop-off point.
There are a number of bus pick-up/drop-off points inside Alexandria. These are usually either at Maw'if Gadid Station (except El Gouna, which uses Sidi Gaber station) which is a bit far from the city of Alexandria so it shouldn't cost more than a 10 LE cab ride, 15 LE max. Again you will need to get a cab or microbus from bus stops to the pyramids and back to your bus stop.

More expensive but more comfortable and more reliable is to contact a tour company and organise a day tour which will pick you up from your accommodation, provide you with a guide if necessary and also return you to your accommodation at the end of your trip. The company would also see you got lunch and could take you other spots beside the pyramids if you wanted.

I hope this helps

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

You can go by train which is fast and cheep or by Upper Egypt bus
There are two different ways you can go to Cairo from Alexandria. Cairo is about 220 kilometers south of Alexandria. You can either go by train or by bus. I suggest that you go by train because it's less hassle. In this case you have to get off at Giza station which is the closest to the Pyramids. From there take a taxi to the Pyramids. You can do the Pyramids in one day and go back to Alexandria on the same day. In this case it's a good idea to book a return ticket before hand.
By the way I'm a tour guide. It will be my pleasure to show you around the Pyramids if you are interested. My e-mail is : . My mobile is 010 550 72 25

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