What is June weather like in Peru

in Cuzco? And what should I wear?


Country: Peru


By June here it's gonna be winter. It's pretty cold, so you should wear sweaters, shawls, winter clothing!
As Lima have a humid climate, it can be a bit strong, but it has not comparison to the States in winter, here it almost never snow!
About Cuzco, there's a dry climate so winter is not very strong. In fact, yo can find some sunny beautiful days.
Take care and enjoy Peru! =)
In June is winter, but in Cusco, during daytime is usually warm, so you can go around in shorts and flip flops! During the night is usually very cold sometimes with close to zero temps. Lima will be very humid with temps around 17 degrees centigrade.
I spend beautiful nights in Cuzco with a cup of coffe at 39.2 grades fahrenheit, no rains (but in the andes you never know!!) and sunny days, you can take amazing pictures with any camera with that light!!!.

Also there is a major celebration, the Inti Raimi, in June 24, is the sun celebration in Sacsayhuaman, wich is a fortress very close to the center of Cuzco. You can take a taxi or just climb a mountain, very easy.

In Lima we have 93% humidity maybe more, and sometimes a very light rain, cloudy days. Temperature betwen 60 and 68 grades fahrenheit.

Dont need special clothes, shorts, hicking boots, sunglases, and winter jacket and a poncho.

In the Jungle its hot, betwen 88 and 72 fahrenheit, have a nice travel!!!
Cuzco has a very stable climate, with no great temperature change throughout the year. It's usually cool/cold in the nights and warm during the day. It will be very chilly in the mornings, and get warmer at mid-day/afternoon. So you'll want to make sure that you wear layers that you can take off and carry easily as the day progresses, if you are out and about.
Although is winter in the southern hemisphere, it is also the dry season in the peruvian highlands. So, you should expect sunny days and clear nights with very occasional rains (and only in the night). The temperature in the day is warm enough to be in shorts and t shirts and in the nights it will be cold
The weather in Peru depends on the region you are going to visit.
Around the coast you can expect wet weather (90 to 99% humidity) and temperatures about 14 C.
In case of the highlands (Cusco and others) we have extremes. Daytime the sky is clear and the days are pretty hot (23 to 30 C.) but after 4pm. the temperature change quite drastically; June is not the coldest month around there but is the second coldest and you have to be prepared to deal with dry cold in between 0 and - 10C.
Warm clothing is very necessary especially if you are thinking about going for hikes in the mountains. (Inca trail, Salcantay trail, Choquekiraw, or others)If that's the case I definitely recommend thermal clothing, wool hats, scarf and similar. Another recommendation for hikers will be to bring or rent the right equipment; be especially careful with the sleeping bags. Those have to be made for temperatures under -10 C. otherwise your camping experience can be quite unhappy.
The rain forest, despite the name becomes quite dry and rains just once every week or every two weeks, but you must be ready for anything so bring your rain poncho or rain coat. The temperatures would be normally in between 30 and 40 C. and as you can probably imagine the humidity is always around 95%.
As an additional info I can tell you that if you trip includes a visit to the SOUTHERN rainforest (Puerto Maldonado or Tambopata area in general)you must be prepared to face a phenomenon that happens once per month in dry months, it's called "friaje" and it's a cold wind front that comes from the Patagonian territories. If you have bad luck and the friaje comes when you are in the area and you have no warm clothing (at least a good jacket) you will regret badly. I'm afraid there is no way to know when that phenomenon is going to happens, but it last for 3 or for days. Better be prepared than sorry!!
Hello, besides all the things my fellow has already said, June is the most intense month of the year in Cuzco, losts of festivities. The most important is the celebration of the "Inti Raymi" (The Sun celebration). Every year on 24th of June comes to life the old Inca celebration of the Sun , according to the ancient chroniclers ,these celebrations were linked to the harvest and provided the opportunity for the Incas to express their appreciation to their gods : the sun,the moon, the thunder, Huanacauri and the Mother Earth for the products which ensured the sustenance of the population , singing and dancing and consuming the sacred chicha of the corn. The Inty Raymi ceremonies are performed in several towns designated for this purpose, but the most important ritual event is the beginning of the harvest, when the youth chosen for military or political activities go to the Sausero place to collect the corn. This area is located quite near the Temple of the Sun or Coricancha , the tourists go up to Sacsayhuaman fortress to admire the performances and dances ,the dancers will wear traditional clothes of the Incas time and at last the Inca's kings sacrifice of a lama , using his knife , to offer the heart to the Sun . The festivity continue all the week long. It is awesome.!!!
Hi there!!
During june it is winter in Cusco and the weather often falls to 5° ó 7°C (23° ó 19.4°F) even it can get to below zero. Non raining season in this time of year. But there is sunshine during the day.I reccommend you bring winter clothes mainly because of the heiight.hope you can enjoy as there are lots of things, festivals and celebrations to see in June. heve fun
Well, maybe people had already answered your question, so it is true that here in June is winter..but honestly I have to say that our winter is nothing compared to yours. People ( tourists ) that go to Cuzco by June wear shorts and t-shirts...But we sure to have a sweatshirt or light jacket because sometimes our weather is crazy and will start to rain a little hard ( one more time, nothing compared to other countries ).
If you come to Peru by June, you will spend a wonderful time , as you had read there will be a wide variety of cultural activities in Cuzco.
June is the coldest month of the year in Cusco. Though, the weather varies from daytime to nightime: it is always sunny and warm ( no rain) during day time, and cold, up to -10º C at night. Lots of hotels have heaters, but not all of them, make sure to ask before booking. Weather is always better at the Sacred Valley, it is also cold at night, but not as much as it is in the city.
Warm clothes, gloves, hats and scarfs are always helpful at night. Cotton T-shirts will be good during the morning.

I hope I helped you, and enjoy your trip :)

i m from cusco and its really nice durin the day... but bring a really good jacket for the nigth. same with short in the day and definitlly pants in the night. coast is cold from april to december and jungle is warm but rainy .
Hi Corey. Please let me know whereabout are you planning to go. Peru has basically three main regions (Coast, Highlands and Jungle) but more than 16 climates at the same time. Cheers.
It's funny. My birthday is on June and I've always wanted to celebrate it at the beach but I know I can't because it's grey and cloudy. Since it's winter here, in Cuzco it's pretty much the same. Not that cloudy and grey though. Mostly really cold weather and rains. Sun in the mornings sometimes but with a chilly breeze.
You should probably try taking jeans and sweat pants and 3/4 sleeves shirts and long sleeves ones. A really warm jacket or coat and boots.
By June is pretty cold, but Cuzco is colder than Lima, so you should wear a coat, a chullo, that is a peruvian hat, also, wood clothes, and maybe some warmers
June is winter in Cusco. Dry and sunny during the day, but temps may drop below freezing at night. Wear layers. Fleece is always good. You can also buy chullos (knitted hats with earflaps) in Cusco, as well as ponchos and alpaca sweaters. Good luck, J-.
June is winter in Cusco , cold during the nigths and sunny during the days, for me , the problem is that the weather changes extremely. You can wear pants and T-shirts during the morning but allways bring a sweater with you.


Jose Antonio
JUne is the best time for cuzco the 21 of june is the solstice the main day for the inkas is the inti raimy so think about the resrvations is high season as well but is perfect because is not raining, but is true that it gonna be very cold up there in cuzco, but also remmember that the weather at the andes is very cold at the shade but boiling under the sunlight , during the night could be below cero, the air is very dry u should bring lips and skin protection
Enjoy it I am at lima by now maybe when you reach lima, u can let me know i show u the city for free
It's beginning to get cold, but not that much. Here in Lima we have grey sky in the fall and winter, but it doesn't get colder than 15 or 14 Cº. You'll need a sweeter, and then just a shot of Peruvian Pisco and you will be ok. :)
IN Puno and Lake Titicaca very cold, in Cusco very cold at night but hot during the day if in the sun. Take a good polarfleece and outdoor jacket, and a good sleeping bag according to where you want to go (Titicaca Islands for exemple)
Hello !

From June to September is the summer in the Andes and Jungle. But is cold in the nights in the Andes.
Cuzco is great ! but atentcion ! in the night can to be so cold !

Good Luck .
Polarfleece and outdoor jacket or a good "chompa de alpaca" bought in a local market. Cuzco can be quite cold at night but during the day it can be very hot.
Hey ya Corey!!!!?

Peru is located into the tropical belt and near to the equatorial line, but its weather is not as it is supposed to be for this area. Apart from the tropical weather, this country has a range of weathers and climates that make it so diverse and different from other countries.

In the world, you can find a total of 32 kinds of climate and Peru has 28 of them (87.5% of the total!). In other words, a trip through Peru can signify to come across with hot deserts, dry forests, humid savannas, plain rainforests, cold plateaus, cool steppes and icy mountains.

As a way to explain its average weather we can say that in the time of the typical northern hemisphere summer, in Peru you will have winter in the coast, and summer in the Andean highlands and the jungle. In the opposite, winter in northern hemisphere, you will have in Peru a rainy season in the Andes and the jungle, but a hot summer all over the coast.

Cusco city has a climate quite fresh almost during all the year. Nevertheless the climates vary in other zones of the region like Machupicchu or the Sacred Valley. The annual average temperature in the city is 12ºC (54ºF), whereas the annual average low temperature is 5ºC (42ºF), although really the minimum temperature can be under 0ºC (32ºF). The annual average high temperature is 18ºC (66ºF) but the maximum can reach 23ºC (73ºF).The dry season is the best time to visit Cusco and all its surrounding areas, since during this season the climate is quite mild. Besides, the most of events and celebrations like the “Inti Raymi” on June 24 (the feast of the sun and day of Cusco) occurs between May and November.
In other words On June, the temperature frequently decreases below zero to 5° and 7°C (23° and 19.4°F)
Good Luck!
n June is winter, but in Cusco, during daytime is usually warm

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