hi, i'm coming in New York with European Rapper (artist) to shoot a video, we are currently looking for real Hip Hop Area, places, locations

We were tinking: Metro, Graffiti area, Streets, ... some locations where hip hop culture is visible outdoor in NYC. thanks! BEN


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


You can try Long Island City. Take the 7 train east toward Queens. You'll see a bunch of graffiti-ed buildings the 2nd or 3rd stop crossing the river.
First try Harlem Hip-Hop Tours - excellent company and they cover everything Hip-Hop and more and I bet they could guide you safely, for a custom tour at a reasonable fee:
Harlem Hip Hop Tours
69 West 106th Street Suite 5B
New York, NY 10025

You can try the high end of Park Avenue as it moves into Harlem above Columbia University at about 125th Street. There is not a lot covering the city these days - maybe outside Manhattan where you might find a lot of graffiti but they are "tags" belonging to area gangs and warnings to stay out of the area - I would. However, the high end of Park Ave has short stone tunnels that people walk through but were you could have privacy for filming.

Get on a stage that welcomes hip-hop and film (hand held) at Sullivan Hall in the Village near NYU (514 Sullivan Street) -- "Industry Monday's" (featuring a lot of good hip-hop and actual record industry people passing through). Usually crowded and run by Nicki Camp who you'll see at the door. $20US. If you're good sign up to take the sage and you'll get a good audience sound bite. Everyone is always really welcomed and respected on the stage.

Good luck!
this is an organised tour, we not looking to be like tourist but to shoot a video, so if we are on a organised visit, we wont be able to take our time to shoot the video, but thanks for the answer

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