Travel question: Is it possible to pack and check a bicycle as luggage and bring it in to #Brazil? Difficult? Worth it?


Country: Brazil


Yes it is possible, but hardly worth it, since a good bike here in Brazil will cost you 100 bucks.
Speak with Arnaldo Bichucher (Localyte).
Jim Campbell
Brazil has many bikes for what ever road or off road riding you do. But if your like me i like my bike and have traveled with it where ever I go. If you go to a bike dealer or bike shop ask them for a bike card board shipping box and I think they will give you one, make sure you put FRAGILE and have Arrows with UP & Down on all sides of box.

If you come to Santa Catrina look me up and let's go riding.
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Yes, indeed! Considering you are a serious biker, "she"might be part of your personal luggage. But in case you are a weekend -biker, not that pedalling-guy... be cool and try either buying or renting one in Brazil. It will be cheaper for a non- serious- biker but expensive for a professional one.
in depends what is the mark of your bicycle. you can get for 500 reais good bikes and if you gonna bring a bike with you you will have packing problems .
Yes it´s possible, not sure if you would be comfortable going around Brazil by bike, if you are planning to bike like exploring whole Brazil reserve some time as distances are far away, also check this site this guy has been around Brazil by bike he has good tips for you! = )
There are several places where you can rent a bike in Brazil, all models, I know one very nice in Copacabana for instance!!! It will be more practical if you rent one!

Write to me and tell me what you got, my email is

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