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Country: Ecuador


It is great that you are interested on Ecuador, it is a small country with a lot of diversity to offer. From the highlands to the coast, beautifull sites to visit and enjoy the culture and folk costums.. If you like details and pictures, let me know, I could help you out. Good luck, if you plan to travel just take all the precautions to be safe..
Ecuador it´s a very onteresting country, as you know it´s a small country in south america, but you can find between a luxury experience to an adventure tour, Ecuador have four regions, The Amazon Rainforest, the Andes highlands, The green pacific coast of ecuador, and the enchanting Galapagos Islands, so if you would like more detailles let us know. at or email as at , so you can watch our promotional video at
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If you are coming to Ecuador, then you should be interested in nature for sure. Appart from it's customs and folk, Ecuador offer many options in Eco-Tourism. From the Amazonia and the highlands to the coasts and the galapagos islands.
We can offer you a great weekend trip, visiting the most beautiful beaches of the coast and with some "adventure" options like scuba diving, whale watching and hiking @ the humid forests of ayampe!..
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