i have heard that around Subukia ,there are tours that tourists are taken .Could you please enlighten me on that ? Tea plantations tour ?


City: Nakuru

Province: Rift Valley

Country: Kenya


There are what we call Agro tourism.Here you visit one of the local tea farm where by you take a tour in the tea farm while you are also shown how tea is plucked using your hands. Later you visit the tea factory to see how tea is processed and you can then buy the final product ( Packed tea leaves the best in the world). You can also take a day trip to Lake Nakuru national park famous for the Flamingos.
Around Subukia you can enjoy the Subukia viewpoint. Within Subukia Valley is Lake Solai an isolated Soda Lake. Overlooking the Subukia Valley is a towering white cross that marks the sacred...grounds of the Catholic Church National Village of Mary Shrine.Buried in the base of this cross is a piece of rock from the Grotto at Lourdes in France, a stone from the River Jordan in Israel, and a stone from the Marian Shrine at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hertzegovina.

The shrine stands on the Equator at the meeting point of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. A statue of the Virgin Mary is housed in a little hut and a clear stream wells up from the ground under the statue.

One can also enjoy the indigenous trees, monkey species within the forest too, one can also visit the Thompsons falls to enjoy the picturesque view. It is simply enthralling.....If you are interested in seismology, it is worth noting that Subukia is prone to minor tremors. The strongest one, which occurred several decades ago, had an intensity of 7.0 on the Richter scale.

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