Has anyone done a safari to Kenya? tips/suggestions wanted!


Country: Kenya


Safari Tips for your Journey to Kenya
US passport holders need a visa to enter Kenya, but they can get it at the airport or border crossing when they arrive in Kenya (it is preferable to have the US$50 in cash with you). If you want to plan ahead then you can apply for a visa in the US. Details and forms can be found on the Kenyan Embassy web site.
Nationals from some Commonwealth countries do not need a visa with the exception of Antigua, Bermuda, Guyana, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the UK. All nationals of other countries require a visa. Tourist visas are valid for 30 days. For up to date information see the Kenyan Embassy web site. There are two consulate locations in the US, Los Angeles & New York.
A single-entry visa costs US$50 and a multiple entry visa US$100. If you are planning on visiting just Kenya, then a single-entry is all you need. If your plans include crossing over to Tanzania/Zanzibar to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, visit the Serengeti or go see the gorillas in Rwanda then you'll need a multiple-entry visa if you wish to re-enter Kenya again.
As of 2010 the single-entry visa costs $25!!
Immunizations & Health Tips
No immunizations are required by law to enter Kenya if you are traveling directly from Europe or the US. If you are traveling from a country where Yellow Fever is present you will need to prove you have had the inoculation.
Several vaccinations are highly recommended, they include:
• Yellow Fever
• Typhoid
• Hepatitis A
• Diptheria
It is also recommended that you are up to date with your polio and tetanus vaccinations.
Make sure you have a comprehensive medical insurance policy to cover you for all emergencies. Don’t travel without it!
Before you leave also make sure you have your medication that you take on a daily bases with you and that it is enough for your entire trip!!!
Contact wearers, take your glasses as well, as your eyes might get irritate by all the dust. Oh, and pack some extra contacts and an extra pair of glasses!See your dentist if you are planning on an extended longer trip!!
There's a risk of catching malaria pretty much everywhere you travel in Kenya. The highlands used to be a low-risk area, but even there you have to be careful and take precautions.
Kenya is home to the chloroquine-resistant strain of malaria as well as several others. Make sure your doctor or travel clinic knows you are traveling to Kenya (don't just say Africa) so s/he can prescribe the right anti-malarial medication. There is a homeopathic malaria treatment available as well.
Tips on how to avoid malaria are to use Insecticide sprays and Insect repellents. Also, which is probably one of the most important and easiest precautions is to cover your legs and arms, especially in the evenings! Wearing light-colored clothing is also a must. Sleep under a mosquito net whenever you can. Little things like this will go a long way in preventing catching malaria!!
A combination of Traveler checks and Credit cards seem to be working pretty good. The rates you get, when using your Credit card to withdraw some money in Kenya, are the Best.
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Best times to visit
Central Kenya/Nairobi: From December to mid March days are hot, sunny and dry, and nights are usually cool. Also nicest time to climb Mount Kenya, as peaks are normally cloud free. The main rainy season occurs mid-March to May, with a shorter period of rain in November.
The Coral Coast/Mombasa: The prime time for fishermen, snorkellers and scuba divers is August to March when seas are calm and the water is clear. Over April and May, and into June many hotels close, but visitors are sure to find a hotel open during that time.
Western Kenya: To visit the Masai Mara, almost any time is good, though heavy rains from end March to May and again in November to early December can make travel difficult. July to September normally coincides with the wildebeest migration. Rain can occur in any month at Lake Victoria, usually late afternoon.
Great Rift Valley: Almost any time of the year is suitable, but during rainy season, state of roads can make driving difficult, particularly in national parks and reserves.

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Yes lost of millions of people visit Kenya and Camping Wildlife lodge safaris have answered you the same way i could.
Kenya indeed is one destination in Africa visited by most people traveling to Africa.
It is safe.

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It is best advised to go to the embassy in your country and get the visa from there , at the embassy you will get to have the kenyan feeling like you are already in kenya.From there you can discuss about the country with embassy staff , and they will be eager to help on most of questions.Issues about immunization and health would be explained to you in detail .
The second good thing to think about after the embassy is having a good guide book eg Lonely planet if english speaking or petit fute if french speaking etc etc.These books help a lot in advising the clients on issues touching on the cultural aspects and also what would crown your visit when already there.They offer a variety of information to help you in making your a visit a trip to remember always.
Thirdly when you are already in the country, the best reserve to visit is Maasai mara ,Amboseli , samburu , Nakuru coming down to the two Tsavos.It will be a matter of your budget to know how to prioritise which parc to visit.At the coast ,south coast is the best with its white sandy beach but also dont forget tpo visit lamu if you want to crown your visit with a rich cultural aspect.
If you have mor questions dont hesitate to ask :

facebook group "safari au kenya "
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Yes, many people have just see result on trip advisor
Hi. Safaris in Kenya are very interesting. In is a country with immense variety of landscapes and wildlife. Important is to go with a reliable Tour operator not to be disappointed. Also to concider is that distances between parks are long. So it is better to visit less parks and have time for game viewing, then visit many parks and spend most of the time on roads for transfers. There are parks with higher animal density like Nakuru, Amboseli and Masai Mara during the time wildebeests are there (end July til end October). Those are better for people who come the first time, so the can collect many impressions. For repeaters who might be looking for more special things the other parks are also very interesting.
Your question albeit is so ambigous to answer. But the answer to this question could best be made thus: Kenya has grown in the number of visitors and hotels each year since independece. Today Kenya has developed its own local tourism sector which indeed is a success story to tell.

Lake Naivasha itself has seen about fifteen tourist attraction centres in the last two decades and is relentlessly developing. Kericho was a sleeping giant for almost hundred years when the missionary visitors setlled in the lush green tea estates but is now a beehive of great activities as new Restaurants mushroom, the latest in this development being Taidy's- at the Souhern end of the Green town. ( It is yet to complete before it opens doors to her visitors.

Once complete, it will be the most prestigious hotel in this town and will host quite a good number of the areas' top visitors.

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